Perhimpunan Belia Negeri Sarawak 2011

Friday. March, 18th 2011.

In conjunction with the Perhimpunan Belia Negeri Sarawak 2011, we finally had the chance to attend the launching which was held at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). Perhimpunan Belia is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Social Development & Urbanization Sarawak. Every year, the Sarawak state government will award numbers of successful Sarawak youths with the Youth Icon Award for their achievement nationally and internationally which will bring the name of Sarawak to the eyes of the world.

This year, the Youth Icon Award receivers are:

  1. Entrepreneurship Youth Icon = Mr. Jason Jonathan Lo
  2. International Youth Icon = Ms. Izyan Alirahman a.k.a Zee Avi
  3. Art Youth Icon = Hafiz AF
  4. Sport Youth Icon = Bryan Nickson Lomas
  5. Volunteerism Youth Icon = Mr. Hamzah Saufi
  6. OKU Youth Icon = Albert Wong Tuong Chui

Here are some photos that we manage to snap during the launching day of the Perhimpunan Belia Negeri Sarawak 2011:

Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up with more events next time. Once in a while, event photography did brings out something out of the ordinary from our lens. Until next time guys.



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