RockERA DiGi Disokong Oleh KPSU Round 2

Saturday. 23rd April 2011

The second round of RockERA DiGi disokong oleh KPSU was one heck of a battle-of-the-band. Even more ROCKING and STUNNING from the first round. The second round battle-of-the-band was held at LimKokWing Institute of Creative Technology Borneo, Kuching. Differ from the first preliminary round, this time the time was set from 2pm till 5pm, unlike the first round which was held in the morning till noon.

Again, 10 bands compete each other in this round to win the title Weekly Winner and bringing home the second preliminary round cash prize amount RM1,500.00. The winner together with another 3 other bands will again compete for the championship title in the final. Those bands selected to compete on the finals are those weekly winners plus 1 band which will be selected specially by the jurors in a wild-card ballot.

For the second round RockERA DiGi disokong oleh KPSU battle-of-the-band, here are the competing bands:-













Initially the 10 bands registered for this second round are Polar, Panic Sunday, Short C-Cute, Pearl & Randell, Ready Steady Go!, Crashin’ Butterflies, She’s Nuklear, Colour & The Firm. Unfortunately, The Firm was unable to attend this round’s battle-of-the-band due to an unfortunate accident occurred to one of it’s team member. Eventually the organizer choose Fate to replace the absent of The Firm.

The Host: Osha & Hasmin from ERA Radio Kuching

The band of jury

And look who’s going to advance to the final? this week’s WINNER is……POLAR!!!!

By this, Polar will be going to the final together with Sonar Instinct from the first round of RockERA DiGi Disokong Oleh KPSU. The final jam will be held in The Spring Shopping Mall on the 7th May 2011. The Champion for RockERA DiGi Disokong Oleh KPSU 2011 will bring home cash worth RM4500 plus a recording contract with Warner Music Malaysia. Don’t forget the date, 7th May 2011.

Here’s something for the album.

Stay tune for more updates on the third installment of this battle-of-the-band at Swinburne University of Technology this Saturday, 30th April 2011.



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