RockERA DiGi Disokong Oleh KPSU Round 3


It seems like it has been a week passed since the third installment of the RockERA DiGi Disokong Oleh KPSU preliminary round which happens to take place at Swinburne University of Technology, Kuching. The third round was different from the first two preliminaries. This time around, not only 10 bands came to compete but 18 bands instead. What’s more interesting was that, among the 18 bands, 2 bands were selected as the round champion. Each brought home RM1500 worth of cash as the weekly prize. Even more SURPRISING, a wild-card selection was also made that day bringing 3 bands were selected to advance to the final round which happens to be tonight, May 7th, 2011 at The Spring Shopping Mall starting 7pm onward.

First, let us look who are the contestant for the 3rd preliminary round:-

  1. The Mckizz
  2. Stetting Stones
  3. Cermin
  4. The Wanz
  5. Hurricane
  6. Rubber Duckies
  7. Delphian for Aria
  8. Earth Project
  9. Akur
  10. The UV
  11. Mayze
  12. Iris Band
  13. HUHA
  14. Play Pause
  15. Endoords

These bands were the bands which won the judges votes during the1st and 2nd round and were given the second chance to perform again. The bands are:-

  1. Short C-Cute (2nd preliminary round)
  2. Soul Catchez (1st preliminary round)
  3. Chinterlizer (1st preliminary round)

All and all, 18 bands were listed to compete for the weekly champion and wild-card selection to perform on the final that day.

After judging and calculating votes, lets reveal the WINNERS:-




And this is the band that won the judges eyes, ears and votes which deserve them to become the judge’s wild-card band for the final…


These 3 bands will again compete for the final tonight. And here’s something for the album…

To the final (left to right): Polar, Sonar Instinct, Delphian for Aria, Mayze & Akur

During the final tonight, each performing band will 1 song of their choose (cover or original), 1 of their own original song and 1 chosen song from the judges. Lets peek on the songs that has been chosen by the judges for the participants to perform during the final round tonight.

  1. Grenade – Bruno Mars (will be performed by Mayze)
  2. Hot & Cold – Katty Perry (will be performed by Akur)
  3. Marabahaya – Pop Shuvit (will be performed by Delphian for Aria)
  4. Farhana Gadis Bumi Kenyalang – Jinbara (will be performed by Sonar Instinct)
  5. Drama King – Meet Uncle Hussein (will be performed by Polar)

For those who comes tonight, the organizer will entertain you more by bringing down HUJAN to perform live for you guys. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch HUJAN live at RockERA DiGi Finale, The Spring Shopping Mall tonight and watch & witness which band will emerge as the ultimate champion for RockERA DiGi Disokong Oleh KPSU 2011.

I’ll bring more update in the next entry for the FINAL ROUND. Until then…LETS ROCK!

Don’t forget to check our FB ppages for more photos on RockERA DiGi Disokong Oleh KPSU 2011. Search for PreciousMad Photography.


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