Sarawak Bloggers Talk: More Than A Blog

A few days ago I was invited by Willie Esther from to join a talk organized by him & a few other  friends. I was honored being asked by the speaker himself. The details of the event can be viewed from the poster above:

  • Date: May 21st, 2011
  • Venue: Supreme Hotel, Kuching
  • Time: 7.30pm – 11pm
  • Fees: RM15

As mentioned, a discount of RM10 will be given for those who’s interested on the event and blog about it whether its pre or post event.

The speakers for this event are the people i’m fairly know for quite sometime.

  • Willie Esther – the creator & owner of, an active sarawak blogger, a teacher and a very close relative.
  • Alvin Leong – The owner & photographer of Alvin Leong Photography, the founder of Alvin Leong Academy of Photography, professional member of WPPM, a very well known photographer, my former boss and also my mentor.
  • Cyril Dason – creator & founder of Sarawak Bloggers society and believe it or not, he’s my junior during high school. Currently an active blogger.

The topics for the talks including:

  1. Do You Want To Take Better Photos for Your Blog?
  2. Do You Want To Increase Your Blog’s Readership?
  3. Do You Want To Enhance Your Blog Writing Skill?
  4. Do You Want To Join Sarawak Blogger?

This is surely an interesting event for those active bloggers and photographers out there especially in Sarawak. A good exposure and platform for learning on how to be a good blogger.

For those interested and wish to seek for more info on this event, check out this blog from Willie Esther himself: Kindly drop him an email with your details and interest if you guys wish to join.



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