Ambient Light Portraiture

It has been a while since I planned this photo shoot. At the beginning stage, I planned to use speed lights to proceed with this project but unfortunately i haven’t get myself any speed lights until now. I was thinking to buy and test the YongNuo YN-560 flash unit but until then lets proceed with the available lights.

To make this photo shoot a success, I refuse to use the built-in flash unit since the light would be too direct so I continue to use a side dim light. The intention is to capture the subject in 3D and at the same time having some silhouette outcome. Anyway, here are some of the result:-

There’s not much post production done to this photos since everything was nicely captured. Well, maybe a little touch up on the brightness & contrast plus minor cropping. My masters always said, “If you capture a perfectly balanced and nice photos, you’ll save much time on post production. Capture your photos right every time.”

The rest of the photos can be viewed at our Facebook page at :?set=a.199329593445138.52737.173748949336536&l=59e5e1fd40


4 thoughts on “Ambient Light Portraiture

    • Apparently its quite hard because of some mobile access limitation. Sometimes the lagging of wordpress server also contribute to the problem but it shouldn’t be much of a trouble to access this site through a laptop or a desktop, i guess :). Thanks for the visit, i’ll try to keep posting more informative entries to keep you guys updated.


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