WPPM Offer! I Got Mine, Have You?

Edwin Tan-WPPM

In conjunction with it’s recently an ongoing roadshow throughout Malaysia, WPPM (Wedding & Portrait Photographers Malaysia) is giving out an OFFER for those interested in photography especially enthusiast photographers to enroll their membership. Until end of this month (May 2011), enthusiast will enjoy a RM200 rebate for membership application. Which means, they only have to come up with a minimum of RM50 to enroll.

  • Normal fee = RM250 (RM200 membership + RM50 registration)
  • OFFER fee = RM50 (Rebate of RM200)

Hurry up and grab this chance to join this professional body of photographers in Malaysia and get special discounts and rebates for every events or activities organized by WPPM.

I got mine already, have you? 🙂

For more information on the registration and enrollment, please visit these site:-


2 thoughts on “WPPM Offer! I Got Mine, Have You?

    • Thanks, Willie :).
      Yup, I’ve found the magazine style template but unfortunately for wordpress, only 1 is free and the colour isn’t that nice. The others, have to be subscribed :(. I’ll try browsing for more choices.


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