Gawai Dayak, A Merry Harvest Festival

Saturday. 11th June 2011

Time pasts rapidly, without even realizing it the Harvest Festival or Pesta Gawai Dayak 2011 has been going for 11 days now. Early this evening, our family went to a fund raising buffet dinner organized by the church. The time of the old has long pass us by but the tradition of the Harvest Festival still lives strong in the community.

During the opening of the Gawai Dayak on the 1st June, we manage to capture some stunning and beautiful faces of the villagers celebrating the festival here at our “kampung”. Pictures were taken by Stephen and Alvin during their “berantan” along the village.

Gawai festival is a once a year celebration celebrating the end of a harvest season for the Dayak community in Sarawak. Each year, the Gawai festival will be celebrated in a grand ceremony. With every celebration, the spirit of togetherness of the community is renewed.

Until next year, we hope Gawai festival this year will bring prosper and good tide to all who celebrate.


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