Home Portraiture: A Home Studio Project

Wednesday. 1st June 2011

It was on the evening of the Gawai festival that we decided to came out with a portraiture project at home. At first I was a little worried since I haven’t got my flash unit yet for my camera. Thanks to the suggestion from Stephen that we can proceed with the experiment. He suggested us to use a spotlight instead. Luckily there was a seldomly used spotlight unit laying around at the store room.

The setup:-

  1. A stool for sitting
  2. A dslr with a tripod
  3. Purple curtain as the background
  4. A 40watt spotlight

In this project, we want to emphasize the capability to transform a simple living room with simple camera setup to produce such a powerful studio like photo shooting style. The motto is simple, we want every photo worth a place on the wall :).

Here are the results:-

And for the succession of this project, I would like to thank our make-up artist, Melissa and our assistant photographer, Stephen for being the gorgeous model for the night.

We will update more home projects in the future. Keep on visiting.


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