Amazing Home Portraiture: Another Successful Project

Thursday. 9th June 2011

It was a request and favor by our parents that we decided to give it a one more shot for the home portraiture project. Basically, we’re using the same setup as the previous home portraiture project but this time around with different models :).

For this photo shoot, we decided to proceed with printing and framing of 3 best photos. Besides, the rest of the photos will probably will be compiled for the family photobook. We also decided that these albums later will be our portfolio for portraiture.

well, feast your eyes on these masterpieces :). Enjoy…

And here comes a great portfolio beginning. We would like to thanks this lovely couple for being lovely for the whole photo shooting session.

Until next time, keep on visiting.


3 thoughts on “Amazing Home Portraiture: Another Successful Project

    • One thing I learned from previous photo shoots is that not too heavy on the editing. People like it more natural and at the same time a little bit of touch up but no exaggerating. Personally, i like it just the way it is. Touch up is just a thing to do when there is something inevitable occur during the session.


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