Wedding Portraiture: A New Journey

Its been a while since our last photo shoot session. After June 2011, things starting to get slow around here…well at least for me. I guess getting a new job needs a lot of adjustment, especially when you’re required to work on shifts. Anyway, there are a few events happening around town lately, among them were the Sarawak International Regatta which happened last two weeks and the Sarawak’s TYT Birthday which occur last Saturday.

While others are anxious to watch the marching band and parade happening at the Kuching’s Independent Field, we were at the other side of the town having a nice outing. A wedding model photo shoot 🙂

Here are among the shots that I would like to share and this is my precious outdoor wedding portraiture photo shoot:

For the full album of this photo shoot session, you can go this link:

Clearly there’s a lot of room for improvement and we will keep trying for the best. Hopefully we’ll bring you more the next time I make a post.

Enjoy and cheers


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