Outdoor Wedding Photo-shoot: Zul & Mar

As promised, hereby we present you my work during the recent wedding that we work for. A little background story on the wedding ceremony of Zul & Mar: the ceremony took place as early as 7.30am when the couple first went for their make up session and set up. And during this session, we were able to take some shots on their wedding clothes for starter while waiting for their make up session ends.

Then, after the session over, we move on to the place where the wedding reception will take place. Here, most photos we took are towards the photo-journalistic portraiture. You can view the full album from our facebook page.

The ceremony took about 4 hours which ends with family portrait photo shoot.

Afterwards, we then move out to the outdoor photo shoot session. On this outdoor photo shoot, i prefer the couple to be happy and enjoy themselves rather than being too formal. I like them to have fun while doing the shooting with me. It provides energy for both the subject and myself.

For more photos, don’t forget to browse our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PreciousMad-Photography/

I hope you guys enjoying the photos presented. Although, there are a lot of rooms for improvement and you are most welcome to comment and critic. This will help further to improve the quality of our work.


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