Photojournal Entry

Finally, the big moment have arrived. This is the day. In this entry, I will present my photo-journalistic portraiture instead of putting up our couple’s photo-shoot. Will will look into that later.

during most wedding events or engagement events, many of us will just focus on the couple since for most of us, it is The Day for them. But behind these great ceremony are the audience and the guests. These guests sometimes offer a great story for photographers. The expression, the candid shot, the spontaneous action and the flow of feelings along the ceremony have stories to tell.

In this entry, we will bring you to get closer to these guests before we get even closer with the couple. These shots were taken during one of our wedding events which took place at Petra Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak on the October, 1st 2011.

For more photos from the photojournal album for this event, please proceed to check our facebook page at:

On the next entry, we will bring you more on the couple’s outdoor photo shoot.


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