Everyday Photography: Essence of Travel

I was looking for a new project recently since lately I got more free time during weekdays in replacement to my weekends working hours. Anyway, I got this idea to make a travel photography project but instead of my own travel I re-create the story using an object as a subject. In this case I use a plushy toy, I called him ‘Tiger’. Here’s the story of Tiger…

The day is bright and beautiful and Tiger crave for an adventure. It was such a lovely day for hiking and traveling.

Set up for a new journey, Tiger crawls around and peek for any beautiful possibilities lay out in the world today.

Tiger went for the highest hill he can find to see the world with  a better view

And keep on climbing…

Crossing savannahs and terrains…

Venturing through the tropics an climbing to trees…

But Tiger never fails to stop and smell the flowers along the way. This what makes adventuring so calming

Camouflaging is among the best quality of Tiger. This helps him blend and sneak silently when in need but most of the times Tiger is just a cheerful and bubbly friend you would like to be around with.

Never forgot to be careful and analyze your environment carefully during traveling. Just like Tiger, he always be careful and check where he is going. Who knows you might meet the unexpected like how Tiger came across these indigenous people of the New Land.

Along the way, Tiger also meets new friend…

Although, some of these new friends he met were keep quarantined in captivity. For what ever reason they were held, Tiger wish them a good life ahead

And some of Tiger’s new friends were so generous that they invite Tiger for lunch and have meals together…

and one for the album…PEACE~

Hopefully Tiger can update us all with his next adventure soon.



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