Rainforest World Music Festival 2012: My Music Prologue

Thursday. July 12, 2012

Last Monday evening I received a shocking yet beautiful news from a fellow blogger friend. He has been a great respectable figure in our local blogging community and the founder of Sarawak Blogger. I need not have to mention his name as I figured that most of you there might have guessed who that is. I was really surprised when he mentioned that my blog has been selected among 8 other finalists to represent Sarawak Bloggers to cover on the 14th Edition of Rainforest World Music Festival (2012). I was really excited and at the same time feel blessed for this opportunity.

Among the 20 blogs that were listed in the application, mine was  selected to be in the top 8 and was assigned to cover more on the Music Workshops. I have always wanted to be up close to those talented rainforest music heroes and this might be the best opportunity.

Ever since I came back to Sarawak from the other half of the country, I’ve been hearing stories and reading reviews on how great and how grand this RWMF was. The fact is, RWMF has been listed as the top 25 must go international festivals. This time I wont miss it again.

# Media Briefing

Pre to the opening ceremony for the 15th Edition of RWMF, we were required to attend a media briefing session and collect our media passes.

Media Pass and goodie bag exclusively for the media guests on the 15th Edition RWMF

The media briefing session is a good platform for those beginners like me, especially during the Q&A slot. Although the briefing was just a small session where the organizers explain and intro on the festival itself plus some added information on the milestone of RWMF so far. Others would be the achievements, visions, contributions of RWMF to the nations socio-economic growth and how this festival will bring Sarawak’s name to the world. It was a very refreshing input.

Organizers in session

Another brief input and introduction of the performers

The media session also briefly introduces on the performers who will perform during the 3 wonderful days of the festival. Check out my previous entry for the RWMF for the list of performers. You may also might want to check out the ‘Showtimes’ from the link below:

Owh! I almost forgot. In order to access the ‘Media Pit’ during the concerts and showtimes, media guests are required to get a special pass exclusively for getting the best shot. Since this passes are limited even to the medias, it was distributed separately. I was lucky to get 1:

Media Pass and the limited Photographer Pass

Ending the media briefing session today, I manage to get to know and introduce myself to a couple of bubbly and charming bloggers which all this while were only known from their web writtings.

Lindy & Yvonne

An this one is for the rugged frame 😉

I was here and will be back for more

Alritee chaps, I guess that’s what I have today before i ‘keyboard’ down on my entry. Starting tomorrow onwards, Lindy and me will be focusing more on the Workshops during RWMF 2012. Stay tuned for my latest entries. See you again tomorrow.




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