Rainforest World Music Festival 2012: Day Numero Uno

Friday. July 13, 2012

Woke up around 8am this morning, yawn a couple of times then close back my eyes. The fact that today is Friday the 13th doesn’t shake my spirit to go for the RWMF. Today is the 1st day and believe it or not…i don’t know what to expect. According to my task list, i’m supposed to cover for the workshops during RWMF and looking at the list of workshops that will be held today, there are 9 different workshops in three different locations, held from 2PM till 5PM everyday.

Check out the schedule here: RWMF 2012 Workshops

After going through the list again and again, I’ve decided to not decide to which workshops should i go yet…haha. We’ll discuss that later once I met the rest of the gang.

And so, after getting everything ready…well almost everything I should say. I forgot to pack my camera tripod. I start my first day journey to One Hotel Santubong at 11.30am. Owh! I almost forgot. One Hotel Santubong Resort is our official resort for the RWMF 2012’s performers and media. Every morning by 11am, they will have a press conference with the performers who will performed or conduct the workshops for that day. On this first day, the performers will be:

  • Nading Rhapsody
  • Trio Jourban
  • String Sisters
  • Rythm of Borneo
  • La Zikabilo
  • and…. Zee Avi

Anyway, it took me almost an hour to reach One Hotel Santubong Resort today from town center due to piling traffics along the way. It was lunch time. I suppose that figures. Reached the resort about 15min past midday and I was just in time for the refreshments…haha. Pretty cool timing eh?. While waiting for the others to arrive, I took the chance to have some light meals, tea and fruits. It was almost 1pm, when my teammate arrived 🙂

Since, other outside transportation are not allowed to enter Sarawak Cultural Village and Damai Central area, we have to take the performers/media official shuttle to go to Sarawak Cultural Village, which is only about 5min away from OHS. But, actually it is better this way to reduce massive traffic jams and crowd management. Only official transports with the RWMF stickers are allowed to pass. By the time we reached Sarawak Cultural Village, it was already half pass 1pm. There, we decided to part ways and head to which workshops we are interested in.

For my first workshop for the day, I choose Zee Avi’s class: The Zee Avi Story. Today Zee Avi will share her music journey and a little bit about her life to the class accompanied by her band mate, David Hurwitz. To tell the truth, I’ve always wanted to meet Zee Avi up close and in person ever since I saw her during the Perhimpunan Belia Negeri Sarawak 2011. She was awarded the Anugerah Belia Kesenian for her music, performances and bringing the name Malaysia, especially Sarawak to be known internationally.

Zee Avi & David Hurwitz

During the workshop, Zee Avi enlightened the class with her local signature songs, Mi Kolok Sigek & Kantoi. For the whole 45mins of her workshop, there’s not a single minute that I stop admiring her inspiring musics. Wish there will be more wonderful opportunities like this to meet her once again in the future. Thank you for the great workshop, Zee Avi and thank you to RWMF 2012 for bringing her all the way from the US back here to Sarawak.

Taking a short break and inhaling the air back to my lung after a heart-stopping moments with Zee Avi, I then decided to go for the next workshop, which is held in the main theater. The second workshop I’m going today is the Six Of The Best. After getting a nice comfortable seat just right in front of the stage, I’m ready to be electrocuted by the next workshop group.

Six Of The Best

Surprise! Why are there only 5 of them when the workshop title says ‘Best of The Six’? (well minus the technical assistance strolling around the background). Well, actually there is nothing wrong with the title of the workshop nor the performers are missing one of them. The reason why they are called ‘Best of The Six’ is because they are the best 6-strings instrument players. In this class, its the guitars. Hell Yeah~!. This workshop’s performance artists are: Tore Bruvoll (STRING SISTERS), Belangeni Jeannot Musumbu (KANDA BONGO MAN), Emmanuel Maleso (KANDA BONGO MAN) and Fabien Guilloteau (LA ZIKABILO).

All my life as a passionate music lover, I have never seen or heard such a beautiful melodies syncing and waving its sound so deep and amazing stringing into my ears. This time, I’m almost speechless.  Each performers were given a brief time to introduce themselves and their music originals and I can surely say, each and every one of them are masters of their instrument. No doubt about that! Seriously, I can never describe how their play throb my heart and makes it briefly stop and embrace the moments.

Tore Bruvoll (String Sisters)

Fabien Guilloteau (La Zikabilo)

Belangeni Jeannot Musumbu & Emmanuel Maleso (Kanda Bongo Man)

By the end of the workshop, I realize that this is the real jewel in RWMF. It is the music workshops that gives precious and priceless moments of experience for the audience and the attendees.

Stepping out from the very mind blowing, spellbinding guitar workshop, I made my way to the next workshop which is the ‘FLIRT THE BRAZILIAN WAY’ workshop. We will learn how to Carimbo dance and learn the beautiful story behind this courtship dance with the Brazilian’s Raiz De Cafezal.

From the story behind the dance, it is originated from a mating dance of a bird. Astonished by the beauty and the harmony of the dance, it was later adapted into the community and then evolved into a beautiful courting dance by the Brazilian.

Let the music begin!

Personally, I really enjoy this workshop. The close interactive way and music really gets me involve to the whole Carimbo dance thing. Not just only me. The whole lot of people coming to the workshop really really really enjoying themselves. It is not always you are given the opportunity to learn foreign dance as close as this. Thank you STB, thank you SCV and thank you SB. By the way, I cramped my leg that night due to excessive dancing…haha~.

Well, its 12:44AM now. I think I’ll pen down for today. I’ll update more on the workshops for the second day of RWMF 2012 tomorrow. Hope to see you guys here.



8 thoughts on “Rainforest World Music Festival 2012: Day Numero Uno

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    • Hey, thanks for the drop by. Practically, I wrote this in the manner of which I found it interesting to be read instead of writing articles like in the newspaper or magazine (full of facts but less fun to read). Thanks again for the drop. I’ll try my best to keeping the posts up to date.


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