Rainforest World Music Festival 2012: numéro deux jours (day #2)

Saturday. 14th July 2012

Looking outside the window, the sky seems a little gloomy today. Owh! please don’t rain. I don’t want to go through this beautiful day with a dull memory. Staring at the wall clock, the time still shows 8:00AM. Geez! I almost forgot. I need to ride back to my village this morning to get some stuffs and spare clothes for the day. After taking a quick shower, its time for the morning ride~…

By the time I had my ride back to One Hotel Santubong, It is already  1.00PM. After meeting with the rest of the gang, we then decided to make our move to Sarawak Cultural Village. To make haste on the planning for today, we decided to part ways during the 1st workshop and will meet on the 2nd workshop. On today’s workshop classes, I’ve decided to go for the Long Strokes – Bowed Stringed Instruments.

In this workshop, I’ve learned mesmerizing facts about fiddles and bowed strings instruments beside the facts that these instruments can produce vast range of melodies from a hyper melodic festive tunes to a melancholic and emotionally sad tune. The workshop was lead by Catriona Macdonald from the String Sisters who played a traditional fiddle.

Here are some shots and plays I manage to capture during the workshop:

Annbjorg Lien & Catriona Macdonald from the String Sisters

Line of the Long Strokes performers

Overall, I can say that I really enjoyed the fiddles played by the String Sisters when paired with the Double Bass, which is played by Conrad Molleson. The synchronizing melodies really makes the heart beat to it rhythms. However, the most eye capturing tune and melodies were from the Khusungtun. Represented by Chuluunbaatar Oyungerel who playes the Horse-Head fiddle, I was captured by how he can play the instruments to imitate a horse neigh. (Literally jaw dropping) :O . When they play the Horse-head fiddles plus the grand fiddle together, somehow I feel like being spellbound and ride on a horse on a Mongolian dessert (jaw dropping another time with some drooling) LOL~! The ‘Er-hu’ on the other hand prone to give sad melodies. When Yang Chouyu aka Yang Yang plays the instrument, I can almost feel a warm tear piling in the corner of my eyes (feeling melancholic all of a sudden). At the same time, I can almost feel that I’m standing on a grassy hill with wind blowing gracefully through my face and the warm sunrays throb through the thin cloud and fall onto me (Erk!….emo…emo…FAIL!).

Finishing with the Long Strokes workshop, I then move to the next workshop called ‘Hands On’ – Percussion from all over the world. This might be the best way to shake away these emo feelings from the previous workshop. I need to be HAPPY! and ENERGETIC! (1234!…Kibasa~….kibasa~…). This next workshop will feature instruments such as Djembe, Dzimbe, Cajon, Kayanm, Talking drum, Shotango, Ketebong, Rebana, Darabuja and Bendir.

Percussion are always the beat of the music, it reflects the mood through banging stuffs and make sounds out of it (LOL!). Banging different stuffs will produce different sounds, and so do they go with this workshop. Each performers will bang and knock on everything they have on stage and deliver its mood to us. Here comes:

Chen Wenchi with his Shotango

Chen Wenchi & Teoman Dalci

Ainal, Mohamad Sofie & Seydou

And just see how the crowds enjoys and hyper to the tune…

Hey, I’m here too

Clap…clap…clap…bang bang

I can just enjoy this…

I just don’t know how to express the feelings in words anymore. All i do is enjoying the music to the beats. Hell YEAH!!!

Soon after the workshop is over, I realized that I would never do the dance like this in front of all the strangers if it wasn’t Rainforest World Music Festival!…Hahaha~.

After a short break from the beating and the banging, ITS TIME TO MOVE YOUR HIPS!!!~. Its the Congolese KWASA KWASA dance workshop. Yeeeehhhaaa~~. Performed by the Kanda Bongo Man with Paulina Oboney Lartey and Cleopatra D’Auvergne.

Seriously, I don’t want to talk much about this. I want to join the crowd for the dance with my sweetheart hahahaha….


I’ll see you guys again on my next entry for the final day of the Rainforest World Music Festival. Until then, lets KWASA KWASA~



7 thoughts on “Rainforest World Music Festival 2012: numéro deux jours (day #2)

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  3. Haha…I still remember how your eyes glazed with tears when you told me about the Long Strokes workshop. =) You write evocatively too. Nice!


    • LOL! where got! Did my eyes glazed with tears? Hahahaha~…it was just the hot weather and dry winds blowing into my eyes. Makes my eyes dry and so I have to yawn and make it watery…LOL!. Thanks for dropping by, Marg. Love your posts and videos 🙂


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