Kuching Festival 2012: Lets Food-diving

Saturday. 28th July 2012

For the past 2 years I’m back to Kuching, I’ve never been to a Kuching Fest. Feels kinda missing something as a Kuchingites. Well, not that I’m always in town but…its something that happens locally and I’ve missed it for the past two years….LAME! Anyway, i’m not going to miss it again this year. And so, I set up an appointment with a friend of mine, Lindy to check out this year’s Kuching Fest together. Really appreciate her companion to show me around.

At first we set up our date meeting at 6.30pm but then have to postponed it to a bit later at 7.30pm because Lindy have to spend a few more rounds of karaoke sessions with her friends. LOL! Furthermore, its raining quite heavily that evening and we have to wait till the weather is clear. It is only by 8pm that I went and pick Lindy up and the rain has finally stop. Yeah~

Entrance crowd

By the time we reached the fest ground, it was already 8.30pm. The place is so crowded even after the rains earlier. The fact that it is weekend and month end contribute to the ‘Sardine’ factor. Believe it, we have to park quite far that night because there’s no more any closer parking spots.

Alright! time to explore…

I was quickly amazed by the size of the festival ground and frankly, I become blur of what I should get for my meal that night. I only remembered that I want to taste the ‘Fried Ice-cream’. Yes, ‘Fried Ice-cream’! I always thought that ice-cream will melt when it gets closer to anything hot (even a hot-looking lady) haha… This time I’m going to see how do they ‘fried’ the ice-cream.

While browsing around the food stalls, Lindy and I decided to dare each other and give a try to the ‘Smelly Tofu’ dish. Well, we saw a lot of people queuing to get the smelly tofu and we thought why don’t just give it a try and see how it tastes.

Smelly tofu

Yeah~…that’s how it looks like. It costs RM3 per serving. Truth is, it smells so AWFUL~ …but when you give it a bite, it tastes like a normal fried tofu. Not bad at all. Here’s a tip if you can’t stand the awful smell…close your nose, open your mouth and shove the tofu inside your mouth…LOL! useful enough?

lets see how Lindy did it 🙂

She’s a food lover, so no need to close her nose hahaha… Sorry, Lindy. Have to use your mesmerizingly pretty face for the ad. Although have to blur it to protect the privacy haha! 😛

After a couple of minutes of ‘I dare you’ session, we continue to check on the other food stalls. Check out the foods we spot there:

Fried bird… I have no idea what bird these are. Maybe Quails

Eggs cooked with soy sauce

Cucur udang?

I forgot what this is called…

I was then busy taking photos of the foods and people when Lindy brought me to try the ice-cream roll. A special ice-cream dish wrapped with Popia skin and flavored with nut chips.

Framing from Lindy’s cam

Chilling Delicious! That’s all I can say. I’m an ice-cream lover and this is my first time eating ice-cream roll and a delicious one.

Moving forward, we then went to try the Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet delicacy. Shame all the photos that I took for this dish went overblown. I was too busy admiring the dish and how they made it, I didn’t care to adjust the exposure setting on my camera…haha! Please check Lindy’s page for the details of the dish. She took a video on how they made it too. I love the taste of it. Its so yummy~

Further deep into the festival ground, there were more and more stalls. I lost count of how many food stalls are there. I’m enjoying the moment to browse and check out most of the stalls we pass by.

Egg tart

Portuguese style

Lots of them tarts…

While browsing for foods, I came across this stall called ‘Mongolian Master’. Curious of what type of dishes they server for the horse-ridding folks, I quickly find my way through the crowd and check this out:

Sorry, no horse-ridding lesson from the ‘Master’ today. Just ample foods to offer

During the walk, curiosity sparks and makes me wonder where do all the seafood goes. And so I keep my eyes spotting if I were to find seafood stalls around. Majority of the stalls are offering stir fried or deep fried foods.

All fried! Even fried balls are offered. Wanna get your balls fried? LOL!

Finally I spotted a stall offering fresh seafood for grill. In this case, grilled stingray! Locally know as Ikan Pari Bakar.

Fresh! Freshwater stingrays for grill

Although I didn’t found any giant lobsters or large crabs for grill but at least there are numerous choices of foods are offered here.

Suddenly, something catch my attention. I saw this:

Angry bird?

Lets see what happen when Angry Birds gets out of control and captured for a meal…

Anger management solution…XD

After admiring the work of art (more to work of culinary art), we then try to find a place to sit down and enjoy our meal in peace. But to find a decent place in this sea of people, I guess we have to be content for what we have. Lindy found a nice place in front of John’s Pie stall. To compliment our meal time, Lindy bought a box of Chicken Pie. It’s so delicious! I forgot to take photo…LOL!

For a first timer like me, I easily got attracted by the various and vast amount of delicacies offered here. I love the festival feelings and the colors. Colors of foods, signboards and the people.

The unsung heroes

The signboards:



I don’t think these peas will be happy when they get fried…LOL!

Owh! I almost forgot something. Its a lesson learned. During the fest, I bought a ‘Fried Durian’…for the sake of trying out new food. I made a very very very bad mistake by enjoying the Fried Durian and drinking Coke. I guess lots of you out there knows what I meant right? LOL!…BAD MOVE.

Fried Durian

I guess, I’ll pen down for today. I’ll update more on the games, funfairs, merchandises and garden shows on my next post. Keep on reading and thanks for visiting.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.



4 thoughts on “Kuching Festival 2012: Lets Food-diving

  1. That’s a really ugly picture of me eating tofu. wtf. HAHAHA Anyway its super fun! Let’s hangout again when you’re free! I gotta start on my kuching festival post. malasnyeee……HAHHAHA


    • Hahaha…who said ugly? I’ve been waiting for your post on Kch fest but still not appearing until today. LOL. Yea, i still have like a couple more thing to write about it too. I’ll let you know if I have time to spare this week k.


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