U Bistro: Where Food Just Melt In Your Mouth

I’d never thought that my request to join a food testing session ad posted on Sarawak Blogger’s page was replied this fast. In just a couple of days I have received an invitation for a food testing session and this time its from U Bistro, Kuching. I have to admit that I’m very excited and looking forward to it but here’s the catch. I need to RSVP my attendance in less then 24 hours. Yup, I need to reschedule. After checking my schedule for the week and agreed to swap shift with another team member, I then without hesitant replied U Bistro’s invitation to confirm my attendance. I received the mail on Wednesday morning and the session is on the next day, Thursday. Here’s the details:

Date/Day: 20th September 2012 (Thursday)
Venue: Lot 268, Jalan Song Thian Cheok, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Time: 7.30pm

I was wondering where is this place when I start to google for it. Moments later I received a text message from a friend of mine saying that she got the invitation as well. I guess it was my lucky day indeed when Lindy says that the place is just a walking distance from her college. Awesome!

Thursday, 20th September 2012

I reached U bistro about 15min to 7.30pm. Well, I have to apologize to Lindy because I was supposed to park at her college and we’ll walk to the bistro. LOL. Sorry…

I guess we’re not too late after all. Just in time for the session. We were warmly greeted by Anthea, the charming manager and great promoter for U Bistro. Owh! before I forgot, U Bistro is located just next to the MAS building at Jln Song Thian Cheok, Kuching. You are not going to miss it. Its too obvious with its creative signboard and corner lot. No worries, ample parking spaces available here and because it is in the corner lot, so you will not going to miss this place when you pass the big MAS building.

Having warmly greeted, we then met 2 early bird bloggers who came obviously earlier then me. Its Angel and Aliey. While waiting for the others to arrive, we exchange stories and get to know each other. Aliey previously represent Sarawak Bloggers to cover about Mukah and its development and everything about Mukah under the sponsor of Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia. You guys should check out her blog as well. She was there with another blogger, Effadylia (theborneogirl).

While chatting and rambling, the crowds are getting bigger. Seems like everybody are here. Now, lets get started…with the food of course.

The Appetizer

Fresh Coral Green Salad

Mouth watering Garden Salad

Garlic Bread Pesto Brushetta…that’s what I called it

I was busy adoring the color of the salad and the captivating smell of the bread that I almost forgot that these were food that we were meant to test.  The salad were fresh that you can still see how the colors were preserved and the crunchiness just melt in your mouth. As for the bread, personally I found it mouth watering. You just want to have more of it again…and again…and again. I’m more on a food lover rather then a food critic. Price wise, ranging from RM3 – RM6 is a very reasonable price. For this, I’ll rate the appetizer as 3 out of 5. Above average.

The Main Coarse

U Bistro was promoting on their grills that day thus we had a lot of meat to taste. Lets see what we had *drool*

U Bistro Chicken Grill

U Bistro Tropical Grill

Grilled Lamb Cutlet

The chicken grill were marinated with U Bistro’s special home made herbs and spices. You might expect it to taste like one of those Ayam Penyet with lots of spices and herbs but to tell you the truth, it doesn’t taste the same at all. The marinated ingredients were forgivingly mild but you can taste it is there and the best part is when you start to cut the chicken. The meat is juicy and tender and full of flavor that you will pause every time you take a bite. The tropical grill is my favorite for the main coarse, I just like how the lamb is grilled and it taste just right. I would prefer it to be medium rare but even on well done, you taste the moisture and tenderness of the lamb. Also marinated with home made herbs and during the session, it was served with U Bistro’s home made green chilly sauce. The sauce might not be everyone’s cup of coffee but other sauce are also available upon request such as the famous black-pepper sauce and the delicious mushroom sauce. What about the grilled lamb cutlet? The dish was well served with pineapple slice, potatoes, midin (local vege) and eggplant slices which emphasize the delicacies of locals but the cutlet was a little bit too well done. Although I can still taste the juiciness of the meat but the tenderness was a little bit left out. But hey, no worries. You may request how you want it to be grilled whenever you ask for this menu. No big deal right?

Price range. I was surprised when I saw the menu for these dishes. I would expect the price to be above RM20 per meal but I can put my jaw back when it is more affordable then it seems. The U Bistro Chicken Grill started at RM9.80 and with a set lunch special deal, you are entitled to select 3 side dishes to accompany your meal with a free drink included. The Grilled Lamb Shoulder started at RM13.80 meanwhile the Tropical Grilled only cost about RM22 for that portion. What a deal!

Check this set lunch deal surprise!

Set Lunch surprise

The Dessert

This time we were served with U Bistro’s pizzas. I have heard about my friends talking how good is their pizza but I have never tried it before and for this session, I was lucky because I will have that honor to taste it freely. lol. Here you go, feast your eyes…

Pesto Cheese Spices & Herbs Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Just look at the juice and color. OMG! you guys wanna know how it tastes like? Remember when we thought about eating pizza and we always thought about getting one from Pizza Hut. Then we we tried Pizza Hut we will say, hmmm…Domino’s Pizza taste much better. Then we go for Domino’s Pizza and we started to say…Pizza Junction’s taste much more better than this. Now, when you go to U Bistro and taste its’ pizza, you will say…’Hell yeah! I’m gonna ditch Pizza Junction! Can I have a take away please?”. That’s how GOOD it is. As far as I’m concerned, Pizza Hut is no longer in my list haha.

Price wise. For the pesto cheese, it will cost RM15.80 for that 10-inch portion and for pepperoni pizza, it cost RM17.80 for the same 10-inch pan size. Which of course worth the paying and so delicious. I’ll be going back for more of this.

The Drinks

The drinks served here are more or less the same with any other restaurants and bistros. That night I had 2 glass of beers and a glass of Mint Sprite drinks. Price range are about the same with any other places. I’ll say average drink choices with good tea and coffee.

Tiger Beer

Mint Sprite

After filling our stomach, we had a few round of getting to know each other much more better and chatting and rambling and have fun teasing each other. U Bistro really is a good place to hangout with friends and family. At normal time, this place can fit up to 20 customers but this number can increase to 40 person at a time if you wish to have a private or small function. U bistro also provide take away for private functions.

The main bar

Before we leave that night, here’s something for the album…


But why so serious???

Who let the dogs out…

Now the infestation begins

It was a fun night and event indeed. For those who wish to come to this place and have a food testing session on your own (but u have to pay for it), you may contact them at this number:

  • U Bistro: 082-233243
  • Anthea Yap: 012-898 5822

Lets Go Food Diving

13 thoughts on “U Bistro: Where Food Just Melt In Your Mouth

  1. Wow!!!!.. the greatest western…. maybe next time i will try there…. all halal food or what?… included the “RIMO brands…”wahahahahhaahah


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  3. Great review! LOL! No need apologize la, I should have walk from my college, so near wat! Luckily you din park there, if not have to walk.HAHA! I need to get started on mine! I steal the group pics ah , Gardener. LOL!


    • Haha. Yup! You got me right there. Thanks for dropping by. The food looks awesome in my shot? LOL! I know…it makes me drool everytime I look at them too :P. Its been a pleasure meeting you guys that night. Looking forward for more of these happenings.


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