Why Are They Excited To Go For “The Horror at BCCK”?

Wednesday. 16th October 2012

Again and again I was looking at the new advertisement from BCCK posted in the Sarawak Bloggers site trying to figure out what is this fuss all about. What the heck is this ‘Horror at BCCK‘ thing? The poster is all RED in color and I barely see what are the pictures on it as all you see is red. Red as those table clothes used to display pirated DVDs at night markets. As my eyes turned red and black reading the poster (luckily the wordings are in contra with the rest), I then realize….the poster is ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN! . I guess now it creeps me out a bit.

Hmm…come to think of it, I just got myself sober from the Chinese Hungry Ghost month and now comes Halloween. That’s a whole stretch of horror *shiver*.

Horror at BCCK poster

So, why is this gory and bloody event become the hot topic of the week? Expecting a witch burning ceremony at BCCK? LOL…NO! Check out the poster again, man. Lets get the facts right here:

  • Halloween Costume Party (so be SCARY to PARTY)
  • FOOD & BEVERAGES available
  • Its on WEEKEND~~~

This is all about partying in buffet style at BCCK. When talking about rock concerts, I always thought about outdoor stage, enormous crowd, Woodstock style and crazy groupies. However, for this type of indoor rock jamming and concert, I’ll be expecting a more subtle yet still rumbling and earth-quaking ROCK spirit.

Now, lets see who are the performers for that night:

  1. Polar
  2. She Nukclear
  3. The Sharpest
  4. Assembly of Soul
  5. Sir Attext
  6. Heroine
  7. Jejak Biru
  8. S.H.G.M
  9. Kambing Sakti
  10. Foxhole
  11. DJ Jimmy
  12. DJ Vaux

What a STUNNING list of performers. Note that these are all local bands but 1 thing I can say, even though these are local bands they will definitely blow your minds away by their topnotch play. Hmm…Polar, that’s a familiar name. The last time I saw them was when they perform in the final during Rock ERA DiGi last year.

Polar at RockERA DiGi 2011 Final

What are you waiting for? Clear your schedule and mark this event. Remember the date, 27th October 2012. Hope to see you guys there 🙂



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