Back To Nature: Rivers of Sarawak

Once in a blue moon.

After surviving the hot and humid season due to the recent South East monsoon. Now comes the wet and windy North West monsoon season. During the hot season, normally I will plan for a fishing trip with my friends but somehow this time the hot season wasn’t so good. Most probably due to my working schedule and the haze which comes a little to hazy this time around.

To compensate the addiction to fish, I spend a little time going back to my dad’s village which is not far from our home. Visiting that place always reminds me of my childhood. Not to mention the river here bears great primary school’s memories with my cousins and friends. Another thing is, this stream keeps many memories of baptism by our church and the missionaries.

Dipping my feet in the cold flowing water of the stream helps me calm and keeps me cool. Truthfully, although I grew up swimming and diving in this stream, I’ve never fish here. Maybe what comes in my mind that time was there’s no fish in a place where you always swim, dive and making noise while at it. LOL!. Having a little time to spare before the day starts to get dark. Here, I share with you some of the photos of the Kampung Bunga, Serian stream.

view from the main bathing area

view from the top of the main bathing area

Another view from the same spot

Bamboo arches along the way

Here’s more 🙂

a bit further up the stream

same view in B&W

a view down through the bamboo arch

Another cozy knee deep pool for a private dip

Foot pathway to the stream

I came home that day with a mix feeling of happy and a bit of disappointment. I’m happy because the stream is still there and I can see some kids and old folks still having good times utilizing the stream as bathing and recreation place. However, what made me a bit disappointed was the stream wasn’t the same as what I used to remember. The main bathing place has become shallow and some irresponsible people keeps on throwing rubbish along the river.

This stream was and still is the main water source for the villagers especially during dry season. There is actually a small man made water reservoir built by the villagers a little further upstream to channel out the mountain’s pipe throughout the village. Thus, if any of the villagers really care about this beautiful stream I urge you guys to stop polluting it with rubbishes and start making it a better place for everyone. Promote it to the world if possible.

So, friends and readers. What are you waiting for? Need adventure?



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