Home Portraiture: Retro Styling and B&W Flavor

Saturday. 27th October 2012

When I came back from an outing the other day, my mom prompted me to take a photo of my nephew and niece. My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl about two weeks ago. The same day where my sister in-law (my brother’s wife) gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. Being gaped by only a couple of hours apart, our family have grown a little more bigger and hopefully this marks a more prosperous years ahead.

With only a setup consist of a single slave speedlite and a built-in flash commander, I surely need more lights to perfect the portrait shots. But despite the circumstances, here’s what I got…with some retro styling and B&W editing. Now, let the photos do the talking.




Now lets bring mom, little sister Jessica and grandma to the picture along 🙂

Left to right: nephew Daniel, cousin Fecilia & baby Jessica

awww…grandma forgot to smile. lol.

I guess that’s all for today. Will post more next time. Thanks again for dropping by and thank you for the continuous support. Happy reading peeps.


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