Hitz.fm Kuching Birthday Invasion 2012: A Doping Party of The Year

Its been a week since I last attended the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion 2012 which was held at Kuching Integrated Recreational Center (KIRC). First of all, I would really like to forward a big thanks to our academy, Alvin Leong Academy of Photography for the Rockzone pass and congratulation for being appointed as co-sponsor of the event.

After collecting my pass from the academy, I immediately make my way to the ‘ground zero’. I was informed that all my other appointed course-mates were already there. They have to be there early because they have to cover for the event and manning the booth. By the time I reached KIRC, I can see the crowds have occupied the rockzone area. Well, its been expected anyway. I was supposed to go there with a couple of friends, but unfortunately they have to bail out last minute due to some unavoidable circumstances. In the end, I storm the party alone.

Reaching there close to 6.30pm, I was lucky to squeeze myself towards the front crowd of the rockzone. I can say, this party really attracts a lot of teenagers. Plus the fact that school holiday just started. Good timing indeed. By that time, I already missed some of the performances. Owh! the party started as early as 4pm. Lets see the bash schedule for the party.

Party Schedule

Now, lets see what I manage to snap during that day.

Clap your hands together



Double Slap

Karen Eva Chin

And to warm up the party as the sun goes down. Special appearance by JJ and Ean.

Meet JJ and Ean

When I say the crowds were really crazy over the DJs, here’s the proof…

Jin being swarmed

The rest of the night just went ROCKING!

Ready Steady Go!

For me, most of the time when I’m going on a hangout or attending these kind of events I love to shoot the people and colors. Colors brings alive the party and people are just so special in one way or another. Let me show you…

X in red. Leema drinks is the co-sponsor of the event.

Blue crowds

Green gangs

Now, put your hands up in the air and swing them around like you don’t care!

Phew~…what a crowd! By around 8pm, I’m already out from the rockzone. If I were to stay a bit longer, I’ll be squeezed like a lemonade by this awesomely crazy people around me. Well, not that I don’t want to stay longer in the zone, its just that I’m feeling kinda hungry and need to look for some food for dinner.

Anyway, I manage to catch up the performance by One Buck Short, Arabyrd, Pop Shuvit and the awaited Grayson Chance from the free standing area while happily sitting down having dinner by watching the big screen. By the time DJ Jakeman & Skeletor came in featuring young DJ Justine from Kuching Lodge School, I’m already on my way home to avoid the massive traffic jam.

You guys can check out more photos from the party through my facebook album from the link below:

  1. Put Your Hands In The Air
  2. Let The Party Started

Thanks for dropping by and hope you guys enjoy yourself.


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