IYCC Day 0: The Calm Before The Storm

Tuesday, 27th November 2012.

Just a few days ago I have decided to join the conference as a participant. Prior to that, I saw a post by Cyril on the Sarawak Bloggers facebook page looking for someone who are willing to join the conference during the final night to cover the cultural concert. However, my interest was more than just to cover the concert alone. I asked myself, why don’t I dive in for more coverage. Thus in the end I decided to tell Cyril I would go as participant instead of just a media guess during the final night.

Come the eve of the event (the event actually starts on the 28th Nov – 30th Nov), I was given a surprise news by Cyril mentioning that my participation has been upgraded from a normal participant to a full media guess with all the media privileges. This includes free stay, free meals and free roaming throughout the event. Woohhoo~….frankly, I didn’t expect this but this is far more better then what I expected. Well, I know that I’m the only blogger from the society who enlist a full participation. Check the link below for the details of the event:

International Youth Cultural Conference 2012

So, what is this International Youth Cultural Conference?


With the theme “Culture as a Bridge to Global Unity”, IYCC is a program inspired by UNESCO to promote cultural diversity as a medium and driving force of development, not only in respect of economic growth, but also means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life.

A friend asked me once about IYCC, is it a religious youth camp? No, it is not. This is something bigger then that :). Although its focus group is to the youth ageing between 20 – 25, the motive of the event is to promote interculture, cultural tolerance and cultural gaps on addressing issues of unity.

The International Youth Cultural Conference aims to bring youth from different states of Malaysia, and international youth organisations around the region and abroad to share and discuss on their culture as well as their efforts in promoting culture as a unifying force in their countries.

What did I experience on day 0?

After finish work that day, I quickly make my way to Damai Beach Resort, Santubong for the registration. Yes, I got a free stay as a media relation operative for Sarawak Bloggers at Damai Beach Resort *smirk face*. Thanks to Sarawak Bloggers Society and the IYCC organizers for giving this unforgettable experience.

The ‘icebreaking’ ceremony of Meet & Greet between the participants and organizers of the event was held by the poolside of Damai Beach Resort buffet style. It was awesome! Now, let me briefly show you what I mean.

moments to remember

moments to remember



More foods

More foods

Owh! I also got the chance to get close to the speakers and guests during this meet & greet session. In fact, all of us have a fair chance to get to know each other. Look who I met there 🙂

Zee Avi & I

Zee Avi & I

Yup, that’s Zee Avi. Our International Sarawak Youth Icon. She’s one of the speaker for this IYCC. Born in Miri, a singer/songwriter, guitarist and ukulele player. She now lives in the US, was first discovered from a song she had posted on YouTube for a friend who had missed her performance in KL and was quite surprised to find herself the toast of the internet when thousands of strangers discovered her effortlessly stunning voice. Her famous song includes ‘Bitter Heart’, ‘Mee Kolok Sigek’ and my favorite ‘Kantoi’.

The icebreaking session ends around 10pm.

The entrance to the hall to my free stay

The entrance to the hall to my free stay

Don’t forget to check out for the news on the next day.



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