IYCC Day 2: Workshops of Unity

Thursday, 29th November 2012

Today is all about Sarawak localities and the Sarawak Cultural Village specialties, its cultural delicacies and hospitality. For the morning session, we’re having the Workshops on Traditional Music Instruments, Dances and Food in the following venues:

  1. Sarawak Cultural Village Music House
  2. Sarawak Cultural Village Dance Studio
  3. Traditional Food Demo at various houses:
  •  Bidayuh longhouse – Mat weaving / Lepat Ubi cooking
  • Iban longhouse – Panganan Jala / Kuih Chap / Manok Pansuh
  • Penan hut – Blowpipe / Bunga Jarau shaving
  • Orang Ulu longhouse – Urum Ubi
  • Melanau tall house – Sago making / Tebaloi
  • Malay town house – Top spinning / Kuih Sepit

Come after the tea break are the Ideas Generation Workshops. These workshop emphasizes on various topics from social media influences to using music to influence cultural change. Facilitated by Ms. Rosalind Wong, Head of Conference Division, Sarawak Development Institute. Below are the brief details of the workshops:

  • Adapting Culture in a Changing World (Dewan Lagenda)

Projects based on cultural issues and/or concerns in your community e.g cultural practices that are diminishing due to modernization  identifying ways and means to appreciate and promote culture among the youth.

  • Social Media and Youth: Be Heard (Dewan Lagenda)

Projects concerning or projects that aim to utilise social media tools as a means to ‘be heard’.

  • Small Business, Big World (Barouk)

About how new technology has changes the way businesses are being operated around the world. Also on leveraging on the new technology to market local products at the global level.

  • Be Bold, Be Green (Iban longhouse)

Projects promoting green environment practices and addressing climate change and global warming issues.

  • Raising a Hand for Unity: World Peace (Dance Studio)

Bringing people around the world together to appreciate cultural diversity and promote cultural understanding and unity. Ways to make a difference in the world, getting people involved.

  • Sounds of Freedom: Using Music to Influence Cultural and Social Change (Music House)

Projects that seek to use music and its ability to unit people from different backgrounds together. Music is a powerful tool that cuts across cultural and national boundaries.

These morning workshops ends during lunchtime. The afternoon session however more challenging and fun at the same time. To understand the morning workshops more better and in-depth, the afternoon session offers three different options for the participants and officials to choose with the theme ‘Exploring Sarawak’:

  1. City Tour – Cat’s Museum and Sarawak Main Bazaar & Waterfront. Pick-up point: Entrance, SCV.
  2. Jungle Trekking to Waterfall at SCV
  3. Workshops on Traditional Music Instruments, Dances and Food

Each options will be given the whole afternoon to explore the beauty of Santubong’s nature with the jungle trekking and Kuching’s timeless adventure to town and bazaar while the rest will have their time with intensive study of Sarawak’s musics and delicacies.

I shot the photo of this cat when strolling along Waterfront. Its humble greeting really match the name Kuching - City of Cats

I shot the photo of this cat when strolling along Waterfront. Its humble greeting really match the name Kuching – City of Cats

The famous Carpenter Street

The famous Carpenter Street

Random shot at Waterfront

Random shot at Waterfront

By the time I’m back to Damai Beach Resort, the time was already past 6pm. After taking a short break and a little rest from the city tour, I’m getting up and ready for the next program of the night. Today, the night program is called Kan Xi, Kan Xi.

The highlight of tonight’s program is MOVIE NIGHT!. While having a serenity dinner, participants were shown the short movies which won the Short-film competition organized by the Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak (YPS) with the theme on Smile of Unity.

  • The Winner is… School Life


  • 1st Runner Up… Rojak


  • 2nd Runner Up…Si Kucing


Enjoying the rest of the night. The movie ‘Talentime was shown. A film by the late Yasmin Ahmad. Story about a high school talent competition serves as the backdrop for director Yasmin Ahmad’s final feature film, a gently humorous musical comedy about a group of young students who attempt to find their footing before stepping out into the real world. Melur hails from and English-Malaysian family. Her passion os singing, and a talent she sharpens by serenading her family at the breakfast table. Meanwhile Melur’s chauffer, a motorbike-ridding, hearing impaired student named Mahesh, ensures that the young singer reached her rehearsal in time, and smitten guitarist Hafiz pines for Melur from afar while tending to his ailing mother.

Talentime poster

Talentime poster

That’s the end of Day 2. Please continue to read for the final day entry.



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