IYCC Day 3: Cultural Aspirations to Global Unity

Friday, 30th November 2012.

As the final day of IYCC approach, the heat of the program however keep on burning. More inspirational talks and forums were presented throughout the day. Lets check out what were prepared for all during the day.

The day began with presentation on Aspirations of Youth by:

  1. Ms. Zee Avi, International Sarawak Youth Icon, Sarawak, Malaysia and followed by
  2. Mr. Michael Teoh, Managing Editor of Enterpreneurs.my & Globe Trotter 2011.

Comes right after is another forum called Tête à Tête ‘Cultural as a Bridge to Global Unity’. The forum moderated by Mr. Alexius Barieng, General Manager of Faradal Media-M Sdn. Bhd. Featuring well known panelists as follows:

  • Mr. Ping Lim, Active Volunteer, Geovisions, New Zealand
  • Mr. Blair Daly, Adviser, Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Ms. Lauren Prince, Board Member, Timber 107ist, Oregon, United States of America
  • Ms. Denise Ama Ghartey, Hamilton’s Bristol Fellowship, United States of America
  • Ms. Natasha Shokri, UNESCO Youth Peace Ambasador
  • Mr. Michael Teoh, Managing Editor of Entrepreneurs.my & Globe Trotter 2011

The forum discuss as how the world around us are ever changing and the people around us are of cultural diversity. Despite these differences and gaps, these cultural diversity can become a bridge to connect us all. The forum ends at lunch time.

Continued in the afternoon, participants were invited to Damai Puri Resort & Spa for the next session. Greeted by the Sarawak Cultural performance, the afternoon sparks and ignites with rising cultural spirit. To thanks and appreciate the effort of both organizers and the participants in successfully makes this event an international reality, the speech was given by YBhg. Datu Aloysius J. Dris, Cheif Executive Officer, Sarawak Development Institute.

The heat risen with the presentation of the video concept ‘Fruits of Unity’ and Thoughts on Culture and Global Unity by The Right Honourable Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib bin Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak, Chairman, Board of Trustee, Sarawak Unity Foundation.

By around 5pm, the aspirational talks and motivation ends with great inspirational magnitude and delighting refreshments.

Now, as the sun goes down at Santubong, we give way to the final night’s climax program. The Live in the Village program. The motives of this program is to brings the participants together and feel the homestay and the living environment in the village. In this context, the Sarawak Cultural Village. A place where every diverse culture collide and resolve as one unity.

The opening and welcome beat and heat of the night sparked by our none other Sarawak Blogger’s backbone Mr. Cyril Dason and Angel.

With the emcee. The riot gang. From left to right: Angel, agonizing me and Cyril

With the emcee. The riot gang. From left to right: Angel, agonizing me and Cyril

Dressed in red Cheongsam and paired with Baju Melayu wearing ‘Kampung Guy’, Angel and Cyril really takes the center stage by successfully portray the unity of cultural collision in our homeland, Sarawak. Their appearance were backed by the soothing and throbbing percussion play by Asbun Percussion.

Asbun Percussion

Asbun Percussion

The night also non-stop mesmerizing us with colorful appearances from the participants dressed in their cultural attires.

Colorful smiles

Colorful smiles

Smiles of Unity

Smiles of Unity

The energetic organizers. Girl power!

The energetic organizers. Girl power!

The rest of the night continue with Cultural Fashion Parade and a BIG surprise to our Angel when she got kissed while emceeing. So sweet~

Now this lucky friend from Singapore do know how to kiss an Angel :)

Now this lucky friend from Singapore do know how to kiss an Angel 🙂

The program continues with the performance by ZEE AVI~. Our own local star of the night. Aren’t we lucky? We have an Angel and a Star under 1 roof in 1 night.

A little fact about Zee Avi. Her single ‘Bitter Heart’ was first to become available on the US iTunes Store, and her full self-titled debut album was released on 19 May 2009, co-produced by Brushfire Records and Ian Montone’s Montone Records.

Avi’s debut album hit #13o on US Billboard Hot 200 Chart and #2 on US Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart, and sold 6000 copies in the United States in its first 2 weeks of release. Avi’s song ‘Monte’ was featured in the second season finale of Private Practice. Her song ‘Concrete Wall’ was featured in episode 11, season five of Gossip Girl. Her second album, ‘Ghostbird’ as released in 23 August 2011. The album peaked at #129 on Billboard’s Hot 200 Albums Chart, #1 on Heatseekers Album Chart, #20 on Alternative Album Chart and #32 on Rock Album Chart.

Flowing after Zee Avi’s performance was another heart-thumping Latina guitar beat by my favorite Dr. Sanchez. Next was a performance by Sonar Tribal. At first I didn’t recognize this band, not until I approach them and confirm that this band is actually Sonar Instinct. When performing and touring with different instruments promoting our culture, this band moves with the name Sonar Tribal. However, when performing indie-rock style, they goes by the name Sonar Instinct. I first met this band in 2011 during the RockEra DiGi battle of the bands.

Sonar Instinct rocks!

Sonar Instinct rocks!

Continuing the rocking night of Live in the Village experience, the show continued by the energetic performance by Soul Dance and the dub stepping music by DJ Cliff de Saint. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get more photos or videos for the rest of the night after the performance by Sonar Tribal due to my beloved camera’s battery give up on me. Lame!

The night ends around midnight with the final performance by DJ Cliff.

After the show, we all went back and hit the sack. Although some of us might feeling blue because by sunrise tomorrow morning, we all going to be on our own parting ways. We hope there will be more good events and inspiring programs such as this in the future for our new generations. Hopefully this event will brings the spirit of unity and spread it into the heart of each souls that we can touch.

Don’t forget to check out for more photos of IYCC on my facebook page below:

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