Christmas Buffet at The Raintree Restaurant, BCCK

I was in fact quite surprised when I received a call from Mike Cheng of BCCK a few days ago. Thanks to Cyril, my name was listed for a food tasting session at The Raintree Restaurant, BCCK together with 5 other bloggers. The food tasting session was for their Christmas Buffet dinner menu in conjunction with the upcoming Christmas holiday season. The Christmas buffet will start from the 21st December till 26th December 2012.

Check out the promotion poster below:

All you can eat :)

All you can eat 🙂

Sunday. 16 December 2012

I arrived at the party a little bit late from the others. I was picking up a dear friend from the airport which happens to be another blogger who were selected for the food tasting session. Her flight just landed and right away I kidnapped her haha. By the time we reached BCCK, the Isthmus Christmas Tree lighting and launching ceremony has ended. You might wanna check Lindy’s blog as well.

We have a tough luck searching for a parking spot that night. The fact that Kuching MyFM Birthday Bash event is taking place at the main hall makes the crowd rocketing. However, the party is not the main reason we’re there, its the foods that we’re after :).


After going around the buffet hall, I decided to have the Shepard’s Pie and Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Capers Beurre Blanc as a starter. I have to say, I seldomly went for a pie for a meal starter but this Shepard’s Pie portion looks just nice for an appetizer. The fish fillet is my thing as I’m a fish lover. Personally, I like the way they serve the dish and the portion is good for a starter but I can taste the freshness of the fish is no longer there. Perhaps it was frozen for a quite amount of time. It would be really nice and tasty if the fillet is fresh.

Shepard's Pie

Shepard’s Pie

Main Dish

I had two main dishes that night. The first main dish that I tried was the Roasted Lamb with Mushroom sauce and Marinated Boneless Chicken Thigh Shawarma. Ugh! I love the roasted lamb. The lamb was tender and juicy just the way I want it and the Mushroom sauce is deliciously awesome. I always prefer Mushroom sauce over my steak or chops and I can say the mushroom sauce here just works for me.

The Chicken Shawarma instantly become my favorite that night. It was served with Sliced Tomato, shredded White Cabbage, greeted Cucumber, a little bit of Chili sauce and Mayonnaise stuffed all together in pocket bread. The only thing I wish was…I wish the pocket bread is warmer. But nevertheless, the whole Chicken Shawarma package is marvelous. Like the chicken very much.

Roasted Chicken Shawarma. Photo by Lindy

Roasted Chicken Shawarma. Photo by Lindy

The second main dish I had was the Coq Au Vin and Poached Salmon dressed with Thai Chili sauce plus a piece of boiled Prawn on the side. I really like the Coq Au Vin. The gravy and the meat blends nicely with the ingredients and at just the right taste for me. I can have more of this if given any other time.

The poached Salmon however was a little out of my expectation. I love fish and love seafood, but the Salmon we had that night wasn’t to my preference. The texture was a little out of shape and the taste was a little less. I’m guessing that maybe…just maybe the salmon was keep frozen for sometimes. Apart from that, I’m loving it :). The boiled Prawn on the other hand, is full of flavor.

My second main dish. Coq Au Vin with Poached Salmon with boiled Prawn on the side.

My second main dish. Coq Au Vin and Poached Salmon with boiled Prawn on the side.

Boiled Prawn served cold on Ice

Boiled Prawn served cold on Ice


Phew~…after having my second main dish, I decided to slow it a little bit on the intake. So, I decided to check out the dessert choices. There were plenty to choose about. Check these out…

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Crème Caramel

Selections of Chocolate Mousse

Selections of Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Fountain with selected condiments & Fruit Skewer to choose

Chocolate Fountain with selected condiments & Fruit Skewer to choose



…and everybody’s favorite that night

Waffle with choices of Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup and Honey & Butter condiments

Waffle with choices of Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup and Honey & Butter condiments. Photo by Lindy

My personal favorite however is the ice cream. There are 3 choices of ice cream flavor to choose from and I always pick to mix the Vanilla with Chocolate flavors. On top of that, I add some mixed Chocolate Rice, Dried Raisins and Chocolate chips to the mix. Yummy~

Now, how much does all of these all you can eat foods cost?

Personally I really recommend this place when you are thinking of buffet dinner. Compared to other places in town, the price here is really reasonable.

  • RM72 nett for adult
  • RM30 nett for children age between 5-12 years old

When can you get this offer?

  • This limited time promotion is from 21st December till 26th December 2012 from 6.30am till 10.00pm.

How can you get this Christmas Buffet dinner promo?

  • Call +60 82 392 888 or +6 082 392 988 for booking now. Ask for Mike and tell him you saw this promotion from this site haha.

Well, last but not least here’s a short clip from the food tasting session that night.


22 thoughts on “Christmas Buffet at The Raintree Restaurant, BCCK

  1. i’m really sad i didn’t get to try everything i actually wanted to! but i’ve got a really small tummy that doesn’t take well to large portions. i actually threw up a bit after i left haha. but worth it. wondering if i should go again.


    • I didn’t get the chance to try everything either. Here’s my two cents, you should go there again to payback what you’ve thrown after you left that night haha. Jk jk jk. Its worth it really. Wish I can make a comeback 🙂


    • Jacq, you guys reached there earlier then us. You should’ve wait for us then we attack the buffet together. Each of us take a little bit then we share. That way we will manage to try all the foods hahahaha. Anyway, nice hanging out with you guys.


    • Yea. Could’ve been fun if you’re there too. Well, the poached salmon was a little bit off my preference but hey…one man’s cup of coffee might not be the same to others right? Why don’t you kidnap Cyril for the Christmas brunch instead hehe~…


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