A Very Merry Christmas & A Lot Whole New Year


Christmas this year brings a lot whole of different meaning and perspective to me. Perhaps I’ve been away too long all these while and always celebrating Christmas at different places every year makes me missed how wonderful it is when celebrating it with your family. This I have to blame myself for being astray for quite a long years away. Again, I’m still able to forgive myself since I was away for work. Apart from that, time and budget constrain didn’t allow me to travel home sometimes.

The year 2012 itself has been a really shift point for me. Been at my lowest point, crawl like a crustacean and get back up as a whole new guy. Lost someone and meet new friends, being forgotten and get renowned, lost motivation and gain new perspective, these all happens in this year.

Well, this year has been a wonderful and forgiving years as well. Despite all the sorrow things that happens, 2012 also shows me that there’s always a silver lining in every storm. Things started to grow better and prosper. I’m getting back on track with my writings and moving forward with my photography jobs. Building better portfolios for myself. Thanks to Sarawak Bloggers and Alvin Leong Academy of Photography, I got more and more invitations to do some cover stories and photo shootings around Kuching. Hopefully by next year I could expand more.

This year’s Christmas I must say I dedicate it specially to all my friends and family who have been around all these while. Thanks to you for giving support and hope without you guys even realize it. Not to forget the readers of this blog site, you made it happen! This site has reached 4000 hits in less then a year and I’m surprised for the support. Although it doesn’t sounds much but it is meaningful for a small fry like me. Thank you all.

Owh! I saw a lot of smile, laughter and love too along this month. CONGRATULATIONS! to my friends who were and are getting married and start their own family. Congratulation to Tri Ratna Dewi (married on 20th Dec), Rozita Subon (will be married on 27th Dec) & Dawood Emanuel Kiu (will be married on 29th Dec). May this year brings good tide and happiness to you guys and may next year brings more joy and prosperity.

Last but not least….


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