What Was I Thinking! Inline Skating?

Still in the ‘new year’ month.

Its been almost a month since my last entry. Owh! First of all I would like to thank Sarawak Bloggers for awarding this site as their Featured Blog for the month of January 2013. Thank you! And to the readers and followers for this site, I thank you all for the continuous support that made this site to be the ‘Featured Blog of The Month’ on the opening month of 2013.

This new year itself teaches me new things. Believe it or not, I’m learning how to skate. Yes! Skating!. Now now, don’t fall from your chair yet. Yes, I know its been 30 years since I was born but that doesn’t mean you’re too late to learn new stuffs along your life right? Well, thanks to a friend of mine, I now own a pretty awesome pair of skates. Guess what, I finally get my hands (actually my feet) on a Pro model Xsjado – Jeff Stockwell. Yeah! Although I bought them as a second hand pair but I don’t regret having this pro model aggressive skates as my first pair of skates.

Xsjado - Jeff Stockwell skates

Xsjado – Jeff Stockwell skates

Thanks to Norman Chee, a friend of mine who shares a lot of common interests from skates, guns to classic cars that I learn how to skate in less then a week. Well, more like I learn how to roll and fall properly though. Anyway, as long as we all have fun learning is just another curve to pass.

Yea...that's me on my first lesson. Photo by Norman Chee.

Yea…that’s me on my first lesson. Photo by Norman Chee. Fresh meat for the grinder.

Since I’m still a beginner. There are a lot of things I need to learn about skating and because of that, I was given the basic set of frame and wheels for training and practice purposes. I was given a hockey set of frame and wheels with 70mm diameter.

How do you know which profile of wheels are for Aggressive, Hockey, Recreational and Speed skates? 

Aggressive skates’ wheels are more flat and square, meanwhile hockey wheels are more rounded for equal balance and maneuverability. For recreational and speed skates, the wheels are more elliptical and larger in diameter. Here, take a look at the diagram below for better understanding:

Wheel Profiles

Wheel Profiles

These profiles also have effects on your balance, speed and control towards your pair of skates. Take a look at another diagram below for more useful information:

How the wheel profile determine your stability, speed and control

How the wheel profile determine your stability, speed and control

How the wheel diameter effect your stability, speed and control.

How the wheel diameter effect your stability, speed and control.

From here you guys can see why my beginner *coughcoughcough* pair of ‘Pro’ skates is equipped with an inline hockey Salomon frame and hockey wheels (70mm). Hockey wheels are just right where you have the right profile of stability, speed and maneuverability or control.

If I were to choose the aggressive types of wheel, I will gain much better stability but it will be hard to gain sufficient speed to roll around and making turns. Thus, I will end up pedaling more to gain speed and move in 1 direction till I hit a wall or a poll or fall to the grass. And if I choose to put on a larger recreational or speed wheels, alas…only God knows where I’ll end up next. 1 push of a foot, I’ll be rolling away with no sane stability. Not to mention, I’m still new in this kind of stuff. So, don’t ever ask me to do any tricks or grindings…yet!

Next entry, I’ll share with you the tips and tricks on how to start skating and rolling….or at least how I was thought to skate and roll 😛 . See you soon.



6 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking! Inline Skating?

    • Hi Randy,

      So sorry for the late reply. Well, I’m not sure where can we get a pair of xsjado in Kuching too. The pair that I have was bought in Singapore and if you’re really keen to buy, I suggest try order it online from Aggresive Mall at http://www.aggressivemall.com. They have a wide variety of selections and the shipping fees aren’t that costly either.


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