My life: A Day In A System Support Specialists’ Shoes

It has been a couple of weeks since I last update this blog. My day job is slowly sucking the soul out of my life with the new client and system. Most of the times I will end my days with blinking-red-light level of exhaustion. Luckily I manage to stay awake on the wheel. On a daily basis, I will spend at least 2 – 3 hours on the road and when on the road I do a lot of thinking and monologueing. What about you?

Recently, I was blogwalking while trying to ease the headache when I stumble across this 1 blog called The inspiration from 1 of the post just made my day.

Now, lets walkthrough how my daily day job normally starts and ends.

When I go to work every Monday


When I turned on my computer and check through the task list


When I checked those usability issues logged in by the client during the weekends


When the Boss asked me to monitor the shift and make sure every issues are catered and tendered without amiss


When the first call / mail come in reporting about an issue on the new system


When I start distributing the task list and everybody went…


When I checked the system and simulate the issue for the first time

code-10 (1)

When I try a solution without reading the test cases


When I propose the solution to the client


When the client calls in again and saying that we can just ignore the issue and that it wasn’t really important


When I solved the issue on the phone with the client without even looking at the screen


When I did a pretty good job for the day and the client is happy


When the boss came to check on my work progress


And asked “How’s everything so far? Good?”


Well, by the end of the day after doing the same thing over and over again with some additions of new issues and some improbable new requests, I still manage to finish my shift and barely alive going back home.


There you go folks. That’s basically how my daily day job life feels like. I really hope that there will be some incentives for us some time soon though. The workload nowadays are like 300% increase from last year. I need more times off and the office needs more FUN!.



2 thoughts on “My life: A Day In A System Support Specialists’ Shoes

  1. It was really cool how you incorporated these moving images into your post. I must say, though, that when I saw the first image, I thought that it was a still image. Then the head popped out and I jumped. It’s a very good way to draw attention from your readers, so well-done on that one!


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