Season of The Miss World Harvest Festival

Saturday. 4th May 2013.

Last night marked the finale of the Miss World Harvest Festival 2013 where Ms. Rosalind Sajah was crowned Miss Cultural Harvest Festival 2013, 1st runner up; Cammielye and 2nd runner up; Shaley Merie. Feel kinda proud knowing a colleague and a friend won the title for this season :). I suppose she deserve it after all. Congratulation!

The beauty pageant was introduced in 1999 and unlike the traditional Kumang Gawai where the contestants from the Dayak community, the ethnic beauty pageant Miss World Harvest Festival is open to all single ladies of any race and nationalities. The open application to all single ladies of any race and nationalities is to encourage and attract the interest and participation of non-Dayak to celebrate in a festival that has traditionally associated with the Dayak community only and this year marked the ninth year of the festival being held.

Besides physical attractiveness, the winner must also possess talents, a friendly disposition, charm and the confident. The judging of the beauty pageant is based on physical appearance, intelligence and personality.

More info can be found on the World Harvest Festival Official page:

I started to take interest with MWHF since 2011 when a friend invited me to watch the outdoor theme play at Sarawak Cultural Village. Fortunately for me, I was on a photography assignment and the offer was just irresistable. Took a few great photos, however I learnt that the pass that we had was only for the outdoor performances and excluding the finale show of the Miss Cultural Harvest Festival.  A little dissapointed but since I didn’t follow the event from the start, the outdoor performances compensate the dissapointment.

Come last year, I totally drifted away and skipped the whole event. Not until March this year that I started to follow it again. The fact that 2 of my friends were the finalist, hyped me to keep up with the updates every now and then. As part of giving support to them, I decided to embed some pieces of the memories into this blog.

Miss Eyesight Optic 2013 (13th April 2013)

This was the 1st roadshow that I went to. I was in the neighbourhood having a portrait photoshoot session with a colleague that day. After the brief session, we decided to drop by and check out the event. In conjunction with the promotion of a new line of frame design, Eyesight Optic also marked their 9th year milestone sponsoring the Miss Cultural Harvest Festival. Check out some of the photos taken during that day.

The fashion line up

The fashion line up




Aren’t they all beautiful? Can’t deny that for sure. Here’s 1 for the album.


Hmmm…wish I could be the torn among those roses haha. Well, being a nice guy will not get you there though. Keep on dreaming… lol.

Anyway, a few days later I received a news that there will be an open photoshoot session for the Miss Photogenic title which will be held in the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV). At first I can’t decide whether to join or not since I’m affraid that the event might clash with my work schedule. A day after that, I received an official invitation from the official photographer’s team to join the competition. I didn’t hesitate, I sign-up and thought this might be the chance for me to have a shooting session with my favourite Miss Harvest.

Miss Photogenic Photography Competition (21st April 2013)

More than 100 photographers from all over the city showed up for the competition and interestingly enough I got to meet not just the MWHF finalists but also some known faces and new faces too. We had a great time catching up with each other and exchanging ideas. In most competition, I would be nervous and stressed out. Surprisingly, during this competition I didn’t get those frights. The reason was that I got to shoot with fellow friends and that more or less lower the tension and increase the esteem. Apart from that, maybe because my session was with someone that I’m familiar with. Its easy to work with someone that you know. My only regret was I didn’t have enough time to meet my other favourite finalist. I feel time flies too fast that day.

Here’s some shot that I submitted for the competition:

Miss Photogenic entry

Miss Photogenic entry

Best Picture entry

The competition ended around noon. I had to be content with what I manage to shoot that day. Despite the slight dissapoinment, I’m actually glad I made it there and met the rest of the folks and get to know more about the finalists.  And for those planning to check out the Cultural Harvest Festival during this weekend, check out the schedule below:920057_371957862913446_1340870204_o

Wish you all a great weekends and those who vote tomorrow, vote wisely! Make some changes! Last but not least…




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