Gawai Dayak Festival: A Season To Remember

Throwback Saturday…

The coming of June month always brings back childhood memories to me. When it came to the Gawai Dayak festival, all I think was the abundant stockpile of foods and drinks and the carnivals all over the village. As ‘kampung boys’, we are the one who enjoyed the festival the most. Joining every games and competitions, smack ourselves in the middle of the ‘joget lambak’ and swing our arms like we don’t care, enjoy watching the cultural dance performances and rituals and most of all the ‘Ngabang’ (house visit to friends & relatives).

As times goes by and age were catching up, things have changed. The tradition is slowly diminishing and the rituals were merely just a celebration icon. Although the spirit of ngabang is still holding strong but its different nowadays.

Last week mark the closing of Gawai Dayak festival at our village. This time around instead of shooting photos for the celebration, I tried to embed the memories into video. Doing something different might turn out good in remembering these days somewhere in the future later on.

Here are the videos I made for the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony of Gawai Dayak festival in our kampung this year. Nothing pro about it, just a small home production on precious moments 🙂

Opening ceremony

Closing ceremony


I hope the tradition will keep on going for the next generations to embrace. Perhaps one of these days, I will make a proper documentary about this festival. Something like this should be preserved and appreciated. So, enjoy the videos 🙂

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