My Apocalypse Diary

I can’t exactly remember how it starts. All I could remember was the chaos and nothing can stop it. Everyone that I ever knew were gone, well most of them. My neighbors, friends, relatives, facebook friends, twitter followers…you name it. They’re all gone by now. None of it matters. The only thing that matters is keep on surviving.

It has been 90 days now since we last left our home. Keep on running and moving from one place to another trying to keep surviving this apocalypse. Gosh! I wish there is a stop to this chaos and madness. Find a place to make fort and resupply and find a way to retaliate.

About a year ago, there was a rumor about a breakthrough by the World Health Organization. A definitive cure to cancer and other incurable diseases alike. A new cell regenerates and replace those bad tumor and in return making the body health again. Sounds like giving steroid to white cells and energy drinks to its platelet. After a while, the news stops until about four months ago. The WHO starts to distribute the cure to the governments all over the world for field test.

28 days later, things started to fall apart. Hospitals all over the nation become ground zero. The cure somehow reanimate the entire cells in the body of the patients thus make them back to their former health. Makes them as healthy as a horse. The worse part is that it makes the dead comes back to LIFE! Without proper respiration and blood circulation system, the dead become the undead with no memories of their former self, no self conscious, no goal nor purpose, these things just don’t die like the way the dead supposed to be. To make the matter even worse, the metabolic system of these things were reactivated as well and because of that…they need to EAT! and they want something with high protein like MEAT!

The 'undead' neighbors

The ‘undead’ neighbors

Back then no one knows how to stop the disease from spreading and it spreads like and epidemic. By the time the people starts to fight back, it is already too late. One bite from these things and you’re done. The ‘cure’ now become the ‘virus’ and it transmit directly through bites. Once you’re bitten, you will have a high fever and eventually your heart stops beating and you no longer breath. Moments later your body will restart but by then the blood in your veins no longer flow because its not your heart that restarts your body. It’s the virus restarting your motor function in your brain to a cellular level just enough to make you move around and feed. The only known way to stop it is damaging their head. Which stops the brain from sending the signal to the body obviously.

The epidemic spreads a little late to where we live. I guess living in the Island of Borneo does have its advantages. Vast sea separating us from the main land, thick tropical jungle that can make you lost just by gazing at the trees, wide and long rivers to secure the secondary method of transportation, not to mention the hills and mountains that makes it easy to build fortresses to defend…momentarily until you’re out of supplies.

Our group consist of 5 person including myself. I manage to get both my parents, my youngest sister and my cousin to our underground bunker to escape the horde. Unfortunately I couldn’t save the others. Living like scavengers, we take out one villagers by one at a time trying to survive. We figured out reasoning with them didn’t work. Arming ourselves just with machete, axe, knives and handmade spears didn’t really helps that much. We salvage anything that we can find from the houses to keep our rations going on.

The cities were where it the disease strikes the hardest. Dense population and ignorance makes it worse. Many had survived but the loses were uncountable. At times like this, I wish I had guns to repel the infestation but the retarded government policy to keep all the guns to themselves is killing the people around them… FML! I don’t wish much, just a compact sub-machine gun like the H&K MP7SD will do just fine.



Melee weapons however are scattered everywhere and its up to us to choose the ones that fits. At any given time, I would custom my melee weapon to have both handgun and a machete on it. Just like the one below:

Poke it or shoot it?

Poke it or shoot it?

Well, that one is useful and very practical. We’re pretty unlucky though since the army camps are pretty far from the place where we bunk. It will be very nice if the army camps were near, at least I can steal or salvage one of those tanks and modified them to be our moving fortress. An Armored Personnel Vehicle (APC) also might came in handy to load our members.

Take that zombies!

Take that zombies!

I guess the tanks are a little over my head for now. We need to keep moving. Survival is vital at this point, at least until we reached the nearest army camp or some fortified encampment.

To be continued…


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