Still Stuck With Last Year

This is probably my first post for the blog since the new year begun. Yes…yes…it is already on the second week of the second month of 2014, yet I’m still bother to post something about last year. Well, what can I say, I’m a very sentimental person or perhaps 2013 leaves a thousand memorable moments which makes me hard to let it go haha.

Truth is, I’m still mourning my Canon 60D. My best blogging and shooting companion. My 60D was inactive and have to be sent for repair since it started failing last November. Ever since that, I have to decline a lot of event invitations and missed a lot of cover stories. Diagnosing on the symptoms, it seems like the circuit board is failing and need to be replaced…or else, its going to camera heaven.

Since then, I resort to my mobile phone to record my travels and everyday moments. I have to admit that going mobile sometimes wasn’t a bad idea after all. But, relying only with the 6Mp resolution and limited lighting options on my mobile device, I’m taking everything back to basic. I need to watch all my compositions and utilize every available lightings just to make a small impact to every shot. Since my mobile phone’s camera doesn’t have a shutter priority mode, sometimes I have to use the Burst Mode.

Here are some photos I took during my recent visit to Lundu, Sarawak last December. It was a visit for my cousin’s wedding reception. While waiting for the night reception ceremony, my family and I took our time to take a walk at the famous Pandan Beach.

Yuana & Lisa saying "CHEESE" to the camera

Yuana & Lisa saying “CHEESE” to the camera

The unattended sandals & slippers

The unattended sandals & slippers

Hero & heroin pose on the big rock

Hero & heroin pose on the big rock

One for the family album

One for the family album

The sightseeing didn’t just end there. After enjoying the scenes at Pandan Beach, we extend the visit to Sematan Town which is about 20min drive from Lundu. Approximately 12Km away.

Pose on the famous Sematan jetty. It was a very windy afternoon.

Pose on the famous Sematan jetty. It was a very windy afternoon.

I guess that was the only photo I manage to shoot at Sematan before my battery ran out. Yes, that is the disadvantage of shooting with mobile phone, it easily drains the battery. However, this is just a minor disadvantage where it can be fixed anytime with a Powerbank.

From the above photos, some of you might already know or still wondering what is the app that I use to edit them. It’s just Instagram and InstaPlace Pro. I use Instagram to crop and color. Meanwhile, all the captions and texts are from Instaplace. I used to have VSCO and other in-camera apps but I uninstall them because my phone was low on memory.

Now, its your turn to tell me your mobile photo’s story 🙂


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