D’dangao Resort & Sea-Venture Escapade

If my post can be relate to a bowl of soup, I can say this post is getting a bit cold. Why?… Well, this post supposed to fill my February schedule but somehow it got dragged to this month. Yeah, that’s why :). Anyway, lets just get down to the story shall we?


During Chinese New Year which was about 6 weeks ago, instead of going for celebration visit to my friends and relatives around town, I decided to visit a very good friend of mine which resides 110km away from Kuching city. That is like 2 hours drive away from the city. I had a good reason and its been more than a year that I saw this friend. Actually, he’s from Pahang. Got married with a Sarawakian lady and living happily ever after ever since.

Things got exciting when he decided to move to Sematan permanently and planning to start a resort and sea-venture business in Sematan. I am in awe when thinking and listening about his plan to built resort and other interesting places around Sematan as point of interest. As my stay there was for 3 days 2 nights, we planned to have a small gathering with close friends and family and have our little adventure the next day.

Asking about the name he wants to give to the resort, he said it would be nice to call it ‘D’dangao Resort’. I smiled a little. Sounds nice and matching with the purpose of a resort..

To those who doesn’t know what ‘dangao’ means, the word ‘Dangao’ is a local word for a small hut built commonly on farm, orchard or paddy field. A dangao is used as a resting place and keep daily harvesting or working tools. However, a dangao is rarely used to stay overnight unless the farm is really far away from home or you intend to watch over the orchards’ fruits during the night.

The chalet or dangao where I stayed during the visit. Cozy.

The chalet or dangao where I stayed during the visit. Cozy.

Bed for 2, fan & electric power ports, a coffee table with comfortable sofa and some reading materials.

Bed for 2, fan & electric power ports, a coffee table with comfortable sofa and some reading materials.


We start the morning by having a cup of coffee before going for a fishing and netting adventure nearby the local school. I can’t recall how many catches of Snakeheads we caught that day but it was enough to fill a big pail. Not to mentioned other fishes we caught by casting net. I’m really sorry I didn’t have any photos to prove this because my phone was left to charge at the chalet. Yea, I still haven’t got my Canon 60D repaired at this moment. By the time we end our land based fishing trip, it was already noon. I have to admit, I was a little dehydrated since I forgot my drinking water at the chalet. Note to self: Always bring your drinking water when going outdoor!

Taking the afternoon off, there wasn’t much things to do except waiting for the sun to cool down in the evening. That’s when we went out briefly to check on the famous casting spot nearby Pueh. It is actually a water reservoir to channel the sea water from flooding the paddy fields and nearby low land whenever a high tide rising. The water will then released back to the river when the tide is low and leave the reservoir almost empty. This is when the Snakeheads lurks to hunt because its easy to hunt in shallow waters where some preys are stuck.

What these Snakeheads are forgetting is that there is another predator called ‘Madcat’ is hunting them in this murky shallow water…and 1 just got hooked!

One down and more to go.

One down and more to go.

The reason why there were no sea-venture activity took place during this time of the year was because the monsoon season wasn’t ended yet. Our original plan was to have a boating trip to the nearby islands and have a short trip of casting and popping and probably some light jigging along the islands but the wind was too strong for light boats and it was too dangerous to go for a fishing trip in the open sea. Not until the monsoon season has ended. According to the locals, the best time to go to the sea for sea-ventures and fishing trips will be by the end of March or April. This is when the rainy season stop and the wind is not that really strong anymore.

As the sun goes down, we headed back home and prepare for the night session. I was a bit surprised when my friend told me that there will be a barbecue party scheduled that night.

“Who’s coming”, I asked Abg Din.

“Don’t worry, its just us and some family and friends”, he answered with a big grin on his face. That makes me a little more worried.

At 7.30pm, the guests has come and the place is getting merrier. Most of them are relatives and neighbors which are no stranger to me. Some of them has been with me during my previous fishing trips here in Sematan. Maybe one or two faces are new to me but everybody seems to know each other there. That was quite a relief.

So, what was the menu for the barbecue that night? Owh, you’ll be surprised!

Snakeheads for the grill

Snakeheads for the grill

Yes! Those are Snakeheads caught by Abg Din himself throughout the week prior to my visit and tonight they’re on the menu. I can’t remember the last time I had grilled Snakeheads. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago…maybe. Other menu including:

Chicken satay on BIG STICK. This is sooo good!

Chicken satay on BIG STICK. This is sooo good!

Trays of foods served

Trays of foods served

I can’t remember all of the foods served that night but those I remembered was the fried rice, fried noodle, some sambal and air asam to compliment the grilled Snakehead and Satay. It was a very heartwarming house barbecue party and feeling so blessed when surrounded by friendly faces. The story telling session and exchanging experiences were never old when coming to this kind of gathering.

By the time we wrap up the barbecue dinner, it was pass midnight. There goes the second day of my visit.


This is my last day here. There’s no big plans for the last day except for having a short land based fishing trip to some nearby paddy fields and a short stop at Sematan town before the sun gets higher.

Sawah fishing have its own thrills.

Sawah fishing have its own thrills.

Another catch of the day before ending the trip.

Another catch of the day before ending the trip.

By afternoon, both Abg Din and I went back to the dangao and end our fruitful 3 days adventure. Even though we were unable to go for a boating trip this time around, we still have great adventures and had great days. I’m totally going to return here for more sea-ventures and fishing trips in the future.

For those who hungers for fishing trips around Sematan – Lundu and looking for a place to stay, do consider stopping by at this place. According to Abg Din, the owner, D’dangao Resort and Sea-Venture Tour Service will be starting its business by June 2014. This is just right with the conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and Visit Sarawak Year 2014.


  • D’dangao is a sea-venture and nature-binding tour service provider. Operated locally and by the local, it is located in Kpg Sebat Melayu, Sematan. With the distance of about 100 km to the west of Kuching city, it will take you about 2 hours drive. However, transportation is provided upon confirmation. There are numbers of chalets available for those interested to venture with us. Operating based on demand, they provide anglers with the thrill of fishing in Sematan’s open water saltwater fishing and fresh water stream fishing. Boats are available for rental.
  • D’dangao also provide village tour service for those interested in cycling and sightseeing the traditional village of the Sarawak Malay community. Other than that, they also provide diving and snorkeling service around Pulau Talang and Telok Serabang for underwater life lovers. Apart from that, if you are keen and enthusiast about going for nature adventure, they can bring you to enjoy the cooling waterfall and enchanting photographic memories in Pueh mountain. If you are a food lovers, D’dangao also provides variety of modern and traditional cuisine for the taste bud. With the location is just by the seaside, seasonal fresh seafoods are guaranteed. Reasonable price awaits you here.

For more information about D’dangao Resort and Sea-Venture, please see below:

D’Dangao: 019-2911318
Email: dinrias@gmail.com
Website: http://thedangao.webs.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/177095405814638/

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