RWMF 2014 Epilogue: A Thank You Letter

To: Sarawak Bloggers Community.

Thank you so much for another opportunity to join and cover this prestigious event again for the third consecutive year. I don’t mind the long distance travel, I don’t mind the exhaustion of running here and there, I don’t mind the summer heat and I don’t mind the pouring rains.

I thank you for the companions. They were awesome, sassy and fun. I thank you for the networking. They are huge and sometimes unexpected, but I’m glad to be part of it. Thank you again for the golden chance to have so much fun in the biggest summer party in the rainforest.

A very joyous companions

A very joyous companions. Photo credit to Ophelia.

To: Sarawak Tourism Board & The Ministry of Tourism

Thank you for another year of grand and lavish 17th edition of Rainforest World Music Festival. Thank you so much for having us invited and providing good hospitality and so much privilege to the media representatives. As for me, I’m just glad to attend and enjoy the good vibes. Thank you for bringing back the Media/Performers Tent back to the festival ground again this year. The rest tent was a really good pit stop for us media and performers. We can sit down, update our journal, check out our schedules, refill our drink, sort our gears and proceed again with our task. I won’t be complaining about the food. Its all delicious and refreshing. Personally I really loves the opening ceremony night during the beach party. That was really a rare occasion.

By the the beach once more

By the beach…by the beach once more. Photo credit to STB.

To: The Officials, Crews and Volunteers

Thank you for the great work effort and the teamwork for ensuring everything was in order and within schedule. Thank you for the security and the cleanliness of the festival ground. Thank you for providing such warmth, hospitality, dedication and lots and lots of smiles during the entire stretch of the festival. I know its been a sleepless night and long hours of work even long after the day has ended but your hardship and dedications will not be forgotten. Although there are some incentives provided but your contributions will always be remembered.

Volunteers from the ds booth. Who wants to party with them? *wink*

Volunteers from the ds booth. Who wants to party with them? *wink*

To: The RWMF Bloggers fellowship.

Thank you for the great time we had together. Thank you for all the laughter, the time, the patience, the quarrel, the gayness and most of all for the fun we had. I hope the list below is correctly scribed, please correct me if I’m wrong:

I wish we had more times together in the future and may this fellowship last for eternity…

Thank you Ana for the video 😛 .To check out the full details of the video, please click on the video to link to the original post by Ana Jonessy.



2 thoughts on “RWMF 2014 Epilogue: A Thank You Letter

    • Thanks for dropping by, bro. Oh yes, we had fun indeed. I just wish more will apply next year. I know its a little heavy on the pocket if they want to stay, but if they don’t mind sharing or traveling like me, all should be good. Its worth it.


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