Road Accident Drama On The Lucky Side

Expect the unexpected. That is what others always said when undergoing a certain event or mission. Well, for me today just might be that mission day where I have to expect the unexpected. After 7 years of driving experience, this morning was my first time involved in a road accident and it happens in my hometown. OMG!

Not sure if my foot did the ABS brakings

Not sure if my foot did the ABS braking

What happened was, as I was going home from work this morning with a little heavy head and eyes but not heavy enough to snooze you off or flip your steering all of a sudden. It was a very very bright and sunny morning and everything else flows as usual. I took the usual route from the office and as I approach 1 of the busiest roundabout in town, I slow down a bit and soon the line came to a halt. While waiting for my turn to enter the traffic rush, I pull my e-brake and take a moment to get ready to accelerate. In front of me is a silver Toyota Vios also waiting for its turn to get in. SUDDENLY, my e-brake disengaged itself and my car starts to move forward while my foot is still on the clutch and the other on the accelerator. That’s when I rammed into the Toyota Vios in front of me. THUD!!!

My expression was…

Oh hell no!

Oh hell no!

I quickly checked myself, look at my face on the rear view mirror, check here, check there, phew~…nothing bleeds. I turn on the hazard light, check if there’s any other car got involved from behind and slowly get out from the car. I can feel my face turned red, yellow, green and blue at every heart beating. Everything I see turns sephia. Oh God! I hope the Vios’s driver is alright.

As the Vios’s driver came out of the car, I can immediately sense that raging feeling and annoying look pointed at me. After checking the damage of both cars, she calms down a little. There was a line of scratch on the rear bumper and a sprung out reverse sensor. I quickly apologize to her and place back the reverse sensor to its place. I gave her my namecard just in case anything happens along the way. What comes next was really unexpected.

After several minutes of discussion over the matter at hand, I was shocked when the driver, a middle aged lady just let me go with a stern advise:

“Its ok. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. Keep moving now, don’t block the road. Next time please drive carefully.”

I was like…

you've got to be kittenSeriously! No charge was filed and still with an unbelievable thought, we both get into our car and move on. I look up to the sky and say, “Thank God. Humanity has been restored.” And to that aunty;

“I hope you’re reading this. Maybe not right now but hope you’ll read this. I’m very sorry for the earlier mishap that happened and I know non of us wanted it to happen but it still happened anyway. Thank you so much for your forgiveness and blessed be all your journey after this. I was really hopping that someone out there just now took a video of the incident and see how calm, humble and forgiving you are. Humanity is not a lost cause after all. Thank you for your advice and I promise I will never forget it. Thank you for the enlightenment.”


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