Threadless Tees: Fashion Yourself The Way You Are

Geez! Look where did I end up? A fashion post? This is so abnormal of me. When did I end up writing something about fashion? Well, here’s where…

Have you ever had that moment when you want to go out from the house, going to meet some friends, hangout and chill out and at that exact moment you don’t know what to wear? How many times have you had to stare at your wardrobe and counting stars on which shirt you want to wear? Ever been in this dilemma?

If YES, then you should check out these casual tees from THREADLESS. Threadless is a brand which produces creative designs of clothing suitable for individuals who prefers an edgy new look. It was originally started by the artist community who loves bringing out unknown arts into light. The designs for the brand are chosen frequently from many participating artist designs that are printed on Threadless t-shirts.

These designs are flawless. For graphic and visual art lover like me, this is totally a hook up. Lets check out some of the arts and designs that you can choose from:

Ninja School

Ninja School

Ultimate Fushion

Ultimate Fushion

Hmmm…those looks a little boyish. Lets check out other more grown up designs.

Birds of A Feather

Birds of A Feather

Yup, that’s more like it. You can shake your look up with the amazing graphic tees by Threadless by matching it with a nice pair of jeans or Bermuda shorts. The fun and creative graphics allows you to have a casual yet smart look with a young vibe. The simplicity of the designs made available in various colours are also perfect to wear it to any other occasions by simply dazzling it up. Throw on an outerwear, accessorize your look with a hat or a nice sling bag and even pair it with a nice footwear. You could dress up or dress down your Threadless tees in any way you like.

Accessorize your look

Accessorize your look with Threadless

Not just that. You can perk up your plain tee from Threadless and throw on a stylish jacket for a sophisticated look or appear more elegant with a blazer on top. It will go up and around the way it suits your mood for the day. Besides, you could also look super preppy with overlaying a cardigan on top of the Threadless tee. This look reveals a more boyish side of men which is not only simple but very fashionable. Oh yeah! I’ve seen this works before *wink wink*. Owh! don’t get me wrong, I just adore the looks not the model (if you know what I mean).

Non-Athletic Department. My fav design.

Non-Athletic Department. My fav design.

You can always find your favorite and amazing designs exclusively by visiting ZALORA and get the best deals possible. Don’t forget to check them out guys.

See you again next time.



2 thoughts on “Threadless Tees: Fashion Yourself The Way You Are

    • Coffee Girl,

      *sigh* I’m afraid it’s only available for guys and the largest they have in store is XL.
      I was looking for XXL and that design will suits me very very well huhu. But the design really looks cool, right?


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