The Veil Wedding Gallery Soft Opening

Monday, 1st September 2014

Since their establishment back in 2009, The Veil Wedding Gallery has been passionate about what they do best, understanding that wedding day is the BIGGEST day in your life. Hence, this year they are revamping their look and bringing us to a new horizon. When talking about wedding ceremony and preparations, The Veil always takes the matter seriously and with years of experience, they made it a point to provide their clients with the finest garments in the region, coupled with top notch make up and photography services.


The Veil Wedding Gallery signage

1st September 2014 mark a new milestone to The Veil Wedding Gallery with the launching of their brand new look. What’s new and what’s the new concept? Modern, simple and elegant. That is the tagline for their new approach.


Datuk Bandar, Dato James Chan untie the ceremonial ribbon for the soft opening ceremony of The Veil Wedding Gallery today


Datuk Bandar, Dato James Chan initiates the opening

Understanding what brides and grooms-to-be are looking for is a process that takes time, effort and passion The Veil will help you sort these things and will be with you to undergo the process every step of the way. Staying constantly in-step with the latest trends and styles, all whilst retaining a personal touch, is what keeps them ahead. From the smallest details to the innumerable events leasing up to your big day, The Veil will be there for you.
The Veils services includes:
  • ready wedding gowns make to measure,
  • suits,
  • wedding shoes,
  • make up and
  • photography.

Presenting the souvenirs for Datuk Bandar, Dato James Chan and his wife


Heartiest bouquet

This September 6th, be part of the GRAND UNVEILING event. We are taking this wedding gallery to a brand new horizon. No kidding guys, this is the real deal. Come over and treat yourselves to cocktails and witness fashion shows showcasing the finest gowns in Borneo.The programs for the 6th and 7th September starts from 10am onwards.
This grand unveiling event is very exclusive and by INVITATION ONLY. You guys want to know what is so exclusive about the grand unveiling event? Here, check this out:
Discover the tips and tricks with the ‘Superstar Bride’ workshop; featuring supermodel – Amber Chia on posing for the cameras & catwalk guru – Benjamin Toong with fashion stylist Swing Chan on choosing the perfect dress for you!
BOOM! If you miss this event, that’s it. Cry back to your momma haha. Jk jk jk…
However, you still have a chance if you’re really interested about coming to the Grand Unveiling event. All you need to do is kindly email your inquiries and interest to More info can be found by contacting them at:
Phone: (6082) 256 828
Address: No.8, Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak.
I already got my invitation, I got to see Amber Chia and her models, where’s yours?

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