New Year Holy Matrimony with Patrick & Isabelle

The opening of the year seems to be a blessing to me when I was offered my first 2015 wedding job as the Official Photographer for our lovely couple, Patrick and Isabelle. Frankly, the job was offered to me by a fellow blogger and photographer who had to pass over the opportunity to me due to some other work related commitment. Well, how could I decline such a good offer, right? It was a blessing for a new year.

Saturday. January 3rd, 2015.

I won’t say much about the wedding ceremony, I’ll just let the photos tell you the story. Briefly, the wedding ceremony took place at St. Thomas Cathedral, Kuching in the morning and they had their dinner reception at Wei Thian Restaurant, Siburan.

I’m making a change this year by immortalize these 10 photos of the wedding ceremony in black and white:











I hope you guys enjoy the photos. Should you have any inquiry or anything you need to ask, please feel free to leave your questions in the Comment section.


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