A Sunday With The Sarawak Society For The Blind

The world of riding isn’t just about brotherhood, sisterhood or brethren among bikers of different classes and CCs. Sometimes it is about how much you gain from the experience and how much do you give back to the society. Life experiences should be best shared among friends and the needed so that we can all learn from one another.

Last year, on the 11th October 2015, the Royale Riders biker group has went to the Sarawak Society For The Blinds’ headquarters in Kuching to help repaint and refurbish one of their hostel building as a community approach to their charity program for the year 2015. I was not part of the Royale Riders biker member, but to appreciate our friendship as fellow bikers and respect their effort to give back to the society, I agree to join them on the program.


Posing in front of the Blind Center building before getting to hard work mode.

We started our program around 9am with the support by the Blind Center’s staffs and a representative from the Baram Bar, Kuching enlighten our day.


That’s our lady representative from Baram Bar having a lot of fun working and ‘drinking’ together.


Job done. Good teamwork everyone. Break time now.

We finish the work around noon time and end the program with a lot of fun, laughter and inspiration. The work quality might not as good as professional’s workmanship, but it does get the job done pretty good.


One for the album. Group photo with the Director and Chairman of the Sarawak Association For The Blind. Good job team!



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