Chillex At Chilled Out! Cafe


Chilling out while sharing wisdom

Some of you might have read or saw my recent update on Facebook about this cafe called Chilled Out! at The Spring shopping mall in Kuching. Well, if you haven’t seen it yet I’ll just tell you guys all about it here.

If you happened to go to the MBO cinema at The Spring shopping mall for a movie, the first thing you going to notice is the kids playground right next to the ticketing counter outside the cinema hall entrance. It’s called the Kidz Paradize.


Photo credit to the Kidz Paradize

Did you know that Chilled Out! and Kidz Paradize are actually sisters? So, when you go to either one of this places, you got an offer for each others and most of their offers and activities are being carried out simultaneously.

So, what is this Chilled Out! cafe? A place for kids to hangout? A nursery center? A real cafe?

The truth is, Chilled Out! is a kids-friendly restaurant focusing on kids, and educational plays a key role on the establishment as well. The cafe has an appealing atmosphere for the kids and provides great dinning experience for families and friends. Chilled Out! cafe provides and deliver only the best wholesome meals in the most enjoyable, safe and worry-free environment with lots of educational value for the kids to enjoy.


Want to read before your meal? You got it!

What’s special at Chilled Out!?

  • Special corner for kids dine-in
  • Kids Playroom area for playing and fun educational activities
  • Nursery room with complete with toddler’s facilities
  • Weekend Fun Educational activities for kids & the family

Kids Playroom for lots of fun playing and learning.


Another playroom for learning cooking and baking stuffs.


Bringing toddlers? Not a problem at all.


The inside view and table setup of Chilled Out!

This cafe can accommodate about 70 to 80 people comfortably at a time should you wish to organize any occasion. Birthday party maybe?

If this is a real cafe, what about the foods?

Oooowwww Yeah! You’re not going to regret the foods and menu here. If it is up to me, I’d pay for my kids to play at the playground outside and spend my hours just enjoying the foods here.

Thanks to Chilled Out! I got my chance to taste out some of their AWESOME menu. Check these out guys.


Portabelio cream

This was my appetizer that evening. For RM8, I feel like I actually got more than what I normally had. It’s a big bowl of cream.


Chicken & Lamb chops with mushroom sauce

This was my main dish for the evening. I’m not going to lie to you guys. When I ordered this plate, I didn’t know the portion was monstrous. I almost cried trying to finish this dish….I still failed to finish it. For RM32, this is recommended for 2 pax. Unless you want to challenge yourself.


Lamb Chop


Chicken Chop

Look carefully guys. That’s half a chicken for a plate of Chicken Chop you order…HALF! with you favored sauce of course. I think the price tag of RM20 for that size of a dish, you win liao lor.


Pasta Carbonara

Don’t be fooled by the single strand of the bread stick and needless to remind about the portion of the dish. This creamy pasta carbonara is really worth the RM17. Probably more.


All time favorite Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak


Stuffed Chicken Wings

That Stuffed Chicken Wings was our last menu for the day. They put this under the ‘Snack’ menu which is now our dessert dish. This four pieces Stuffed Chicken Wings is worth the RM9.

So, now you tell me. Is it worth you while to learn something about this Chilled Out! cafe? Well, I can tell you this. If you need to leave your kids while watching those 18PL rate movies with your partner or friends, why not let them have fun here. You might as well have your foods and snacks here with your family while waiting for the movie too. Don’t you worry about your kids being left out here. The staffs are well trained to work magic with kids and they’re field certified professionals.


Catching up and having fun with the kid

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 10:00am – 9:30pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 10:00am – 10:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am – 9:30pm

For more information, booking and inquiry you may contact the followings:

  • Email:
  • Tel: 082-232402 / 016-2058092
  • Facebook:

Don’t forget to check them out.


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