Portfolio Presentation: A Photographer’s Golden Journey

Tuesday. May 24th, 2011.

Final Portfolio-Show

Last night was a darn nervous night for me. I can feel hundreds of butterflies flying in my stomach. Guess what? Last night I have to present my photography portfolio for our final evaluation for fundamental classes before we start our executive diploma class somewhere next month.

Present during the presentation were masterclass level photographer namely, Alvin Leong from Alvin Leong Photography cum our principle, Edwin Lay from Edwin Lay Photography and Charles Kung. These professionals are our evaluator for the presentation. Here’s a brief introduction on the evaluators :-

  • Alvin LeongOwner of Alvin Leong Photography, founder of Alvin Leong Academy of Photography, Certified Professional Member of Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a member of World Institute of Photographic Masters (WIPM), a professional member of Wedding & Portrait Photography Malaysia (WPPM) and our principle.
  • Edwin LayA member of the Wedding Photo Journalistic Association (WPJA). Edwin started in the industry out of pure love for wedding and event photography. His photography style is natural and contemporary. Edwin’s works has been published in various magazines nationwide.
  • Charles KungA photographer with 20 years experience specializing in events, weddings, ID, architecture and aerial photography. His works have been published in regional architecture/ID and travel magazines. Charles enjoys self-assigned landscape, travel, documentary and street photography when not photographing commercially.

Well, the theme of my presentation last night was about the recently organized RockERA Digi Final Concert which was held in The Spring Shopping Mall, Kuching. For the presentation, each of the participants have to choose 10 of their best photos on any theme deemed suitable and relevant and have to present them in front of the class and of course in front of the mentioned evaluators. Basically, our class was divided into 2 in which each group consists of 8 or 7 members and I was lucky to be selected into the first group where we present our portfolio last night. The second group will have their chance this coming Thursday, May 26.

I was the second last to present last night and it took me about 10 minutes to do my presentation. I was the only 1 who use powerpoint slideshow to present my portfolio, a deviant on its own ;). The others just use the Window’s Photo Viewer. In the end, I’m glad everything was over  and received a very constructing comments from the evaluators. Thank you very much for the insights and considerations. I remember Alvin likes a couple of my photos. All he said was “Wow!” :).

Again, I would like to thanks the evaluators for your time and constructing comments. Thanks for liking the photos and more tips to advance. To my classmates, thanks for you kind attention and your hospitality for not giving any comments and questions during the presentation. Thank you all.

Feel free to view the presentation included above, just click to view. If you have any comments or critics, you are most welcome to scribe it here.


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